Our Tech Stack

We invest heavily in the most feature-rich and the most reliable technology to serve our clients. We’re transparent about the software we use and provide to our clients. 

When possible, commission-earning referral links are used. 

Preferred Themes

We’ll work with any theme you’re already using, but if we’re starting from scratch or rebuilding a site, it’s usually one of these.

This site was built using GeneratePress. We love this theme because of site speed and development flexibility. If you’re building a new site with us, we will likely start with GeneratePress.

We favor Astra Pro because of the tight integration with WooCommerce & LearnDash. Astra is a fast loading theme with clean code, and strong core web vital scores.

Preferred Plug-ins

Of course you’re free to use any plug-ins on your site that you have a license for, but here are some of the plug-ins we prefer to install and manage on our client sites. 

WP Fusion is the secret sauce we use to keep your website in sync with your email marketing platform. We use WP Fusion to ensure your customers are properly tagged so that you can reduce churn and offer relevant products when they’re most likely to purchase. 

Collect feedback, leads, and even perform advanced quizzes with FluentForms. This tool deeply integrates with many email marketing platforms as well as our favorite, WP Fusion.

Autonami is email automation for WordPress. This service allows our customers to leave ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign behind, with the savings often covering the cost of their management plan.

WooFunnels is currently our favorite way to build sales funnels, period. It’s amazing integration with Autonami for things like custom coupon delivery is ground breaking.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ways to sell things on the planet! We’ll help you build an online store with Woo and all of the extensions it has to offer.

There is no more powerful tool for selling software or digital products than Easy Digital Downloads. Used by developers world wide, this software is in a class of its own.

When you don’t need the complexity of a full checkout system, WP Simple Pay is the way to go. Tight integration with Stripe, Klarna, and Apple Pay makes this a favorite for coaches and educators.

LearnDash isn’t just a WordPress standard, it’s a leading standard amongst all online course platforms.. Your students and your instructors will love using LearnDash.

Pop-ups are a powerful way to increase opt-ins and sales. There is no better solution for WordPress pop-ups than ConvertPro.

Branding your WordPress site isn’t complete until your login page looks amazing. We love LoginPress because it not only makes your site more beautiful for it also has powerful redirection options for after users login.

If you have documentation that you need to display to your visitors, there is no better WordPress based solution than BetterDocs.

Amelia is powerful booking platform that can work equally well for small service based businesses and high-ticket coaches. Native Google calendar integration makes sure you’ll never miss an appointment.

The industry standard for WordPress affiliate software. AffiliateWP will allow you to create an affiliate program that easily integrates into your current infrastructure and is a familiar interface for successful affiliates who can help grow your business.

When you need to pull in social proof or just your latest tweets, WP Social Ninja is a convenient way to make sure your latest social media posts are always on your website.

We don’t provide video hosting, but we will get you setup to host video files using your own Bunny.net account and PrestoPlayer. This is a poweful and affordable video hosting option that integrates tightly with LearnDash.

CartFlows allows one-click upsells and ClickFunnels like mapping of WooCommerce products, while keeping your customer inside of your WordPress site.

We use Elementor because of its ease of use for clients, deep feature set, and massive 4 million site install base, ensuring it’ll be around for years to come. ​

GenerateBlocks is our default set of tools for page building in WordPress. It outputs extremely clean code and allows for rapid deployment and iteration of even the most complex layouts. ​

Host your own giveaway with RafflePress. This powerful tool allows you to ask for likes, tweets, and YouTube subscriptions before helping to giveaway a prize.

RestrictContentPro is our choice for creating your own membership platform on WordPress. Sell subscriptions and make your content unavailable to non-paying visitors to your site.

Image optimization from ShortPixel is the highest quality that we have found to date. It keeps the image quality intact while bringing down the file size significantly.

Novashare: Speedy social sharing unleashed. This plugin empowers you with a lightweight yet feature-rich solution for social sharing on WordPress. Developed with a performance-centric approach, Novashare ensures your social shares soar without compromising your site’s speed. A must-have tool for a seamless and swift sharing experience.

Perfmatters is a complete tweakers toolbox. This plug-in allows us to achieve page speed insight scores in the high nineties with regularity. This tool is essential to keeping your site running lean and fast.

Schema Pro is our tool of choice for helping customers get “rich snippets” on Google. It also has a fantastic FAQ block, to create FAQ sections on things like sales pages. We use it for the FAQ sections on clientamp.com.

WordPress sites shouldn’t be static and with Advanced Custom Fields they don’t have to be. We use this plug-in to create directory of locations, instructors, or anything else that needs to be populated into a template dynamically.

Using the SEO Press plugin, we ensure that search engines understand what content is on your website, giving you the best chance to outrank your competition.

WPvivid Backups: Your all-in-one safeguard for WordPress. This robust plugin delivers seamless backup, migration, and staging capabilities, ensuring peace of mind for your website. With innovative features like unused images cleaning and database snapshots, WPvivid Backups is your go-to solution for testing changes safely and maintaining a secure site.

Every website we manage is monitored and updated via MainWP. This allows us to keep your plug-ins and themes up to date, monitor site health, and install plug-ins.

A security mishap on your site could be disastrous — from displaying inappropriate content to infecting visitors with malware — it’s every business owner’s nightmare. That’s why we use Patchstack to protect, & monitor every site we care for.​