Video Hosting

A self-hosted decentralized video hosting platform with features like live streaming and peer-to-peer distribution.

Add PeerTube to your website

Add PeerTube to your software stack included at no additional cost with an existing server management plan.

To learn more about PeerTube, visit their official website.

Key Features:

  • Decentralized Video Sharing: PeerTube enables users to create their own independent video sharing platforms, providing an alternative to centralized, Big Tech-controlled video hosting services.
  • Transparent Moderation and Algorithms: Unlike mainstream video platforms, PeerTube allows platform owners to have complete control over their moderation policies and algorithms, ensuring transparency and avoiding obscure content management practices.
  • Interconnected Network of Platforms: PeerTube platforms can be connected to each other, forming a vast network of autonomous yet interconnected video sharing communities, fostering collaboration and content discovery across multiple instances.
  • Ad-Free and Privacy-Focused: PeerTube does not rely on advertising for monetization and does not engage in user tracking, prioritizing user privacy and ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Open-Source and Community-Driven: Developed by the French non-profit organization Framasoft, PeerTube is an open-source project with a strong focus on community involvement and future improvements, such as the development of an official mobile app and the promotion of the PeerTube ecosystem.