About Client Amp

WordPress Care & Hosting based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Serving clients worldwide.  

Client Amp is trusted to manage highly optimized WordPress websites by content creators, authors, high-ticket couches, and small brands all over the world

But what you’re probably wondering is, should you hire Client Amp to help with your website?

For many businesses, the answer is no… you shouldn’t.

Here is why.

Two reasons to close this page
and never think of Client Amp again.

1. You haven’t gone as far as you can on your own yet.

We don’t mean that you need to spend time building a website on Squarespace before you can work with us, but you do need to understand your audience and have evidence that your product or service works as advertised.

If you’re brand new, it’s time to call your friends and family, post on social media, or pitch to the poor soul stuck in line next to you before investing in a shiny new website.

2. You’re looking for “questionable”marketing practices.

We don’t do any marketing that might be perceived as “scammy.”

  • We don’t “trick” people into recurring subscriptions for your
    membership site.
  • We won’t sabotage your competitors with negative SEO tactics.
  • We won’t spam people for you to “generate leads.

We do know how to build compelling websites with sales copy that converts your ideal customers — ultimately improving your bottom line.

Still reading? You’re our kind of business owner.

Here is what you can expect from Client Amp
  • World class support & reliability. 
  • Expert strategic guidance so your digital marketing & website experience dominates in your niche.
  • Blazingly quick site optimization, so google loves, and your users do too.  

“But… How do I know you can actually help?”

It’s not in our best interest to sell you services that won’t benefit your business. That’s why we’re very selective about the businesses we choose to work with. Sure, if we worked with just anyone, we’d get some money upfront, but if you don’t provide results, we’ll get fired.

There would be bad reviews all over the internet. Eventually, we’d have no credibility and no clients. The best thing you can do is contact us and let us know out more about your business.

We’ll analyze your site & identify any issues that could be negatively impacting it. Then, we’ll give you a step by step path to improvement.

If you want, you can take our advice and implement it yourself. It won’t hurt our feelings; in fact, many businesses need ongoing consultations but have the resources to execute on their own. That’s just fine with us. That’s why we created the unlimited plan. 

Take the next step.

If your company is ready your website to propel the next phase of your business, we’re ready for you.

Our team lives and breathes WordPress, UX, and conversion rate optimization so you can focus on what’s important to you… even if that’s a little more “me” time.

If you’re ready to take the next step for your business, then let’s get started.