So you made it to our "About" page...

We appreciate that you found us interesting enough to say, “who is Client Amp, anyway?”

Pages like this tend to be self indulgent & we’d hate to break from that tradition.

Client Amp was started by Amy Pearson & Dave Swift.

Ok, now you know a bit about us… 

But what you’re probably wondering is should you hire Client Amp to help with marketing for your online course or membership site?

For a lot of businesses, the answer is no, you shouldn’t.

What?! WHY?
Seriously, here is why…

Here are three reasons to close this page and never think of Client Amp again.


You don’t believe in your business enough to invest in it.

Look — we know running a business is hard. We know every decision you make directly effects your bottom line.

But, let’s get real.  How is your business doing? Are you hitting your goals? What is stopping you?

If you’re not the kind of business owner that wants to set goals and work your tail off to smash them, we’re probably not a good fit.


You want instant results.

If you’re here because you’re looking for instant results and you’re not willing to work hard, we won’t help you. We could, but we won’t.

When someone is looking for instant results, they’re telling us that they don’t like their work. The whole point of marketing is to get more customers for your business, and that means more work. 

Are you ready to work hard? Good, we are too. 


You’re looking for "questionable" marketing practices.

We don’t do any marketing that could be perceived as “scammy”.

  • We don’t “trick” people into recurring subscriptions.
  • We won’t sabotage your competitors with negative SEO tactics.
  • We won’t spam people for you.

We do know how to identify the perfect prospects for your website, locate them online, and entice them to your site. 

Then we nurture them, and make them an offer they can’t refuse. Ultimately getting you more customers. 

Still reading? You're our kind of business owner.

Here is what you can expect from Client Amp

  • An effective approach to get more customers for your business.
  • Consistent results, month after month, so you can reliably scale your company.
  • Honesty.

Honesty, really? From marketers?

Look — It’s not in our best interest to sell you services if they won’t benefit your business. 

That’s why we’re very selective about the businesses we choose to work with. 

Sure, if we worked with everyone, we’d get some money upfront, but when they don’t see results they’ll fire us. 

Then they’d probably leave bad reviews all over the internet. Eventually we’d have no credibility and no clients.

If we can’t actually help your business grow, we won’t offer to provide you a service. End of story. 

"But... How do I know you can actually help?"

Well, the best thing you can do is apply for consult and let us find out more about your business. 

During the consult, you’ll tell us your goals and we give you a step by step plan to actually achieve them.

If you want, you can even take our advice and implement it yourself. It won’t hurt our feelings, in fact many businesses need ongoing consultations, but have the resources to execute on their own. That’s just fine by us.

Take the next step.

If your company is ready for extreme growth, we’re ready for you.

Our team lives and breathes creating and compelling websites and digital marketing campaigns so you can focus on what’s next for your business, spending time with your family, or sipping cocktails by the beach. 

If you’re ready to take the next step for your business, then let’s get started.