Dave's Toolbox

Dave's Toolbox

The best daily planner app I’ve ever used (time block planner)

11 minutes

Structured is a powerful daily planner app that simplifies time blocking and enhances productivity. With seamless calendar and reminder integrations, flexible planning options, and multi-platform accessibility, Structured streamlines task management. Its innovative dictation feature and effortless reminder syncing make capturing and organizing tasks a breeze.

Dave's Toolbox

The 3 Financial Tools Every Business Needs

10 minutes

Relay, a financial technology platform, simplifies business banking by integrating with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks, and payroll solutions like Gusto. It enables the Profit First methodology, automating fund allocation to sub-accounts for expenses, taxes, and profit. With features like virtual and physical debit cards, receipt scanning, and team management.

Dave's Toolbox

Is Setapp ACTUALLY worth it?

14 minutes

Setapp, a legitimate subscription service, offers access to 240+ Mac apps for a monthly fee. It simplifies app management with seamless installation and uninstallation. Setapp includes popular Macpaw apps like CleanMyMac X, demonstrating its quality. Standout apps such as Ulysses, Paste, Sip, and Cleanshot X provide significant value, justifying the cost.

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How I Hire Skilled Filipino VAs for Under $1K/Month

17 minutes

OnlineJobs.ph is a platform for hiring skilled Filipino virtual assistants (VAs) for under $1,000/month. Its pros include access to talented workers at lower costs due to the Philippines' lower living expenses. Cons include time zone differences and potential language barriers. Suitable jobs include SEO, graphic design, and web development, while copywriting may be challenging.

Dave's Toolbox

My favorite tool for screen capture is Cleanshot X

23 minutes

Cleanshot X is a powerful, all-in-one tool for capturing, annotating, and sharing screenshots and screen recordings. Its features include customizable screenshots, annotations, scrolling capture, OCR text extraction, and pinned images. The app simplifies client communication and offers built-in video editing for smooth, engaging screen recordings.