Self Host Ghost – Own Your Content Business


Take control of your digital destiny with our comprehensive course on self-hosting, covering everything from server setup to advanced tactics. Unlock infinite scalability and say goodbye to SaaS limitations.


Tired of SaaS platforms nickel and diming you? Ready to ditch the subscription treadmill and take control of your online business once and for all? This course isn’t just some cookie-cutter tutorial. It’s a step-by-step playbook that starts from zero and catapults you into the driver’s seat of your very own content-driven empire.

Deploying a VPS on Vulture, encrypting your server to Fort Knox levels, and installing the modern tech stack that powers Ghost.

And get this: it’s all laid out in an idiot-proof, copy-paste format. Trust me, you can’t mess this up.

This course isn’t just about the essentials, I’m also pulling back the curtain on advanced strategies. Want to scale your storage without hurting your wallet? It’s in there. Ever think about running multiple Ghost websites from one server? Yep, got you covered. II’ll even walk you through migrating from WordPress without losing a single byte of content.

Bottom line: this isn’t just a course, it’s your blueprint for total online independence. Stop playing by someone else’s rules. Let’s do this.

Key Highlights:

  • 20+ Lessons: Get the facts and skills across five important areas of website management.
  • Do It Yourself: Tackle exercises and projects based on real-world needs.
  • Keep the Materials: Come back to the course anytime you need a refresher.
  • Experienced Instructor: Dave Swift knows his stuff and makes it easy to understand.


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