We use Elementor because of its ease of use for clients, deep feature set, and massive 4 million site install base, ensuring it’ll be around for years to come. ​

Add Elementor to your website

Add Elementor to your software stack included at no additional cost with an existing server management plan.

To learn more about Elementor, visit their official website.

Key Features:

  • Drag & Drop Editor: Elementor offers a powerful drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build every part of your website visually, without writing any code.
  • Live Editing: With Elementor’s live editing feature, you can view your website as you build it and see your designs come to life in real-time.
  • Extensive Widget Library: Elementor provides over 100 widgets, including options for complex designs, eCommerce capabilities, and various content types.
  • Designer-Made Templates: Elementor offers over 300 beautifully crafted, responsive, and fully customizable templates designed for various industries and needs.
  • Responsive Editing: Elementor allows you to adjust your website to make it look perfect on every screen, with the ability to design for up to 7 devices.
  • Management and Workflow Optimization: Elementor provides features like Global Editing, Element Manager, User Preferences, and Shortcuts to streamline your workflow and improve efficiency.
  • Extensive Design Capabilities: Elementor offers advanced design capabilities, including control over typography, spacing, colors, gradients, backgrounds, SVG icons, motion effects, and responsive design.