WP Social Ninja

WordPress Plug-in

When you need to pull in social proof or just your latest tweets, WP Social Ninja is a convenient way to make sure your latest social media posts are always on your website.

Add WP Social Ninja to your website

Add WP Social Ninja to your software stack included at no additional cost with an existing server management plan.

To learn more about WP Social Ninja, visit their official website.

Key Features:

  • Number of Reviews: Control the exact number of social media reviews you want to display on your website.
  • Filter by Minimum Rating: Filter and display reviews based on a minimum rating threshold.
  • Filter by Review Title: Include or exclude specific reviews based on their titles.
  • Ask for More Reviews: Encourage website visitors to leave reviews with a dedicated call-to-action button.
  • Layout Variations: Display social reviews in different layouts like Grid, Slider, or Masonry.
  • Multiple Templates: Choose from various templates to make your social review section more appealing.
  • Advanced Filter Settings: Fine-tune the display of reviews and ratings with advanced filter options.