A self-hosted project management and collaboration platform with features like task boards and time tracking.

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Key Features:

  • Personal organization focus: Leantime prioritizes individual organization, helping users find work-life balance, align their to-do lists with goals, and focus on the things that matter. The platform offers customizable features like My Work Overview, Time Blocking, Notes, AI Prioritization, and Calendar Imports.
  • Strategy and goal management: Leantime incorporates a manageable version of high-level strategy and plans to support the path to creating epic things. Users can share relevant strategies with the team and create long-term clarity on what’s being worked towards through features like Understanding the “Why” of the Work, Establishing Focus Points, Strategic Goals + Project Goals, and Strategy Definition.
  • AI-powered features: Leantime leverages artificial intelligence to make work more engaging, personal, and easier. AI features include To-Do Priority, Task Breakdown, Story Time, Status Updates, and Status Reports. The AI prioritizes tasks using science-based productivity practices and takes user feelings into consideration.
  • Core work management features: Leantime offers a comprehensive set of work management features, including To-Dos, Milestones, Ideas, Docs, Blueprints, Reports, Timesheets, and Retrospectives.
  • Flexible task management views: For task management within a project, Leantime provides a choice of Kanban, Table, or List views, along with the ability to manage subtasks and dependencies.
  • Open-source and cloud options: Leantime offers both an open-source version and a free cloud plan with the same core features, providing users with flexibility and choice in how they deploy and use the platform.
  • Focus on engagement and motivation: Leantime recognizes that project management tools can be overwhelming and that employee engagement is a challenge. The platform aims to make work more engaging and motivating by providing a more personalized and goal-oriented approach to work management.