Image optimization from ShortPixel is the highest quality that we have found to date. It keeps the image quality intact while bringing down the file size significantly.

Add ShortPixel to your website

Add ShortPixel to your software stack included at no additional cost with an existing server management plan.

To learn more about ShortPixel, visit their official website.

Key Features:

  • Easy to Use: ShortPixel provides an effortless way to optimize images and speed up your website, allowing you to simply upload images without worrying about complex optimization processes.
  • Install and Forget: Whether you have one website or hundreds, ShortPixel can handle image optimization automatically, ensuring editors never forget to resize large images before uploading.
  • SmartCompress for Best Image Quality: ShortPixel uses proprietary algorithms to optimize images multiple times, delivering the smallest possible file size while preserving original image quality.
  • Next-Gen WebP and AVIF Support: With a few clicks, ShortPixel can convert your JPG/PNG images to the more efficient WebP and AVIF formats, improving site speed and SEO performance for modern browsers.
  • CDN Delivery: ShortPixel can serve your optimized images through a content delivery network (CDN), further enhancing site speed by delivering images from servers closer to your visitors.
  • Automated Optimization: ShortPixel automatically optimizes new images as they are uploaded, eliminating the need for manual optimization processes.
  • Bulk Optimization: For existing images, ShortPixel provides bulk optimization tools to optimize entire image libraries with a single click.