A self-hosted decentralized social media platform with features like hashtags and federation.

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To learn more about Mastodon, visit their official website.

Key Features:

  • Rich Media Support and Customization: Mastodon offers a wide range of creative expression options, supporting audio, video, and picture posts, accessibility descriptions, polls, content warnings, animated avatars, custom emojis, and thumbnail crop control. This allows users to express themselves in diverse ways and cater to their specific needs, whether they are artists, musicians, or podcasters.
  • Decentralized Architecture: Mastodon is built on a decentralized model, where each server is an independent entity that can interoperate with others to form a global social network. This ensures that instant global communication is not controlled by a single company, promoting resilience, autonomy, and distributed control.
  • Open-Source and Community-Driven: As free and open-source software, Mastodon adheres to the principles of transparency, collaboration, and user empowerment. Users have the right to use, copy, study, and modify Mastodon according to their needs, and the platform benefits from contributions made by the community.
  • Interoperability and the Fediverse: Mastodon is built on open web protocols and can communicate with any other platform that implements ActivityPub. This interoperability allows users to access a vast universe of social apps, known as the fediverse, using a single account. The fediverse promotes collaboration, content discovery, and communication across different platforms.