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supermachine back on appsumo for black friday

That LTD Life

SUPERMACHINE back on AppSumo for Black Friday | AI Art Lifetime Deal

16 minutes

Discover the power of AI-generated art with Super Machine, now available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo's early Black Friday sale. This user-friendly platform offers diverse artistic styles, advanced customization, and post-generation tools. Learn how to craft effective prompts, utilize advanced settings, and maximize your creative potential with Super Machine's innovative features.


That LTD Life

🔥 Breaking News: Kissmetrics Lifetime Deal on AppSumo! 🚀

15 minutes

Kissmetrics, the powerful analytics platform founded by Neil Patel, is now available as a lifetime deal on AppSumo. This game-changing opportunity offers enterprise-level analytics at a fraction of the cost. With features like real-time tracking, customizable event analytics, and user segmentation, Kissmetrics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their digital strategy

last call for livewebinar, clust, freedcamp, promo republic, &

That LTD Life

Last Call For LiveWebinar, Clust, FreedCamp, Promo Republic, & Be.Live

13 minutes

AppSumo's Last Call event offers a final chance to grab top software deals. We review five powerful tools: Be.Live for live streaming, LiveWebinar for online presentations, Clust for data management, Promo Republic for social media, and FreedCamp for project management. Learn which deals to buy, stack, or pass on in this comprehensive guide.

affiliate wp

That LTD Life

Affiliate Program For WordPress – How To Use AffiliateWP [Tutorial]

28 minutes

AffiliateWP is the industry-standard plugin for WordPress-based affiliate programs. It offers comprehensive tracking, flexible commission structures, and robust reporting. With user-friendly setup and extensive customization options, it's suitable for businesses of all sizes. While the initial investment may seem significant, the potential ROI through increased sales and expanded market reach can quickly justify the expense.

appsumo black friday 11 30 19

That LTD Life

AppSumo Black Friday Pt 2 — The Taco Strikes Back

19 minutes

AppSumo's Black Friday deals are here, featuring a surprise 11th offer: Live Webinar. We'll explore each deal, from chatbots to client portals, providing insights to help you make informed decisions. We'll also challenge your perspective on webinars with a real-world case study. Whether you're a seasoned AppSumo user or new to LTDs

my most expensive ltd

That LTD Life

My Most Expensive LTD EVER (What I Got This Black Friday)

9 minutes

Discover the most valuable Black Friday deals for digital marketers and WordPress developers. From GridPane's game-changing hosting solution to Advanced Custom Fields' unbeatable lifetime offer, learn about strategic investments that promise long-term benefits. Explore how Piotnet's form builder and BuddyBoss's community platform can enhance your toolkit.

liveagent thumbnail

That LTD Life

LiveAgent Review & Tutorial (Including Twilio Setup) [AppSumo 2019]

49 minutes

Discover the power of LiveAgent, a feature-rich help desk solution that streamlines customer support across email, live chat, social media, and voice. This comprehensive review and tutorial explores LiveAgent's extensive customization options, robust integrations, and user interface, making it an attractive choice for businesses looking to revolutionize their customer support efforts.


That LTD Life

Publitio Review – Media Hosting Platform [AppSumo 2019]

24 minutes

Publitio offers a comprehensive media hosting solution with generous storage, customizable players, and advanced features like on-the-fly transformations and domain protection. While its technical nature may challenge non-developers, it provides excellent value for those who can leverage its capabilities. Despite some limitations, Publitio stands as a versatile platform for businesses with diverse media management needs.

amelia and cartflows

That LTD Life

WP Amelia + CartFlows = More Profit For Your Appointments

7 minutes

Maximize profits from your appointment bookings by integrating WP Amelia with CartFlows. This powerful combination streamlines the booking process and enables upsells and downsells. Learn how to set up WooCommerce as your payment platform, configure CartFlows for a custom checkout experience, and optimize your workflow. Boost your revenue potential while providing a seamless booking experience

amelia review appointment scheduler for wordpress [appsumo]

That LTD Life

Amelia Review – Appointment Scheduler For WordPress [AppSumo]

46 minutes

Amelia, a powerful WordPress appointment scheduling plugin, offers a comprehensive solution for service-based businesses. With its intuitive interface, customizable booking pages, and robust feature set, Amelia streamlines appointment management. This review explores its key features, pricing, and potential improvements, helping you decide if Amelia is the right fit for your business's scheduling needs.