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Introduction [00:00]

In this comprehensive review of, a meeting tool recently launched on AppSumo, we’ll dive deep into its features, pricing plans, and user experience. aims to stand out from competitors like TidyCal by offering AI-generated meeting summaries and other unique features. Throughout this review, we’ll explore the platform’s strengths and weaknesses, highlighting its booking interface, integration options, and overall functionality. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether is the right fit for your business needs and if it’s worth investing in the current AppSumo lifetime deal. We’ll cover everything from the initial setup process to the various features and tools available within the platform, providing an honest and detailed assessment of’s capabilities and limitations.

Plans & Pricing [00:00] offers three pricing tiers on AppSumo, each with varying features and meeting minutes:

Tier 1

  • Limited features, including basic meeting scheduling and a single meeting topic
  • Lowest price point, making it an affordable entry-level option for solopreneurs or small businesses with simple meeting needs

Tier 2

  • 540 meeting minutes per month, providing ample time for most small to medium-sized businesses
  • Access to most features, including:
  • Meeting recording for later review or sharing
  • Whiteboarding for collaborative brainstorming and visual communication
  • WhatsApp notifications to keep participants informed and engaged
  • Digital visiting cards for easy contact information sharing
  • After meeting redirection to guide participants to relevant content or resources

Tier 3

  • Unlimited meeting minutes, ideal for businesses with high-volume meeting needs or those conducting lengthy training sessions or webinars
  • All features from Tier 2, ensuring a comprehensive meeting experience
  • Ability to remove branding for a more professional and customized look

The AppSumo Plus membership can provide additional savings on the initial purchase price, making it an attractive option for users looking to maximize their investment. Plus members can enjoy exclusive discounts and early access to new deals, further enhancing the value of their lifetime deal.

Meeting Topics [03:30] allows users to create and manage different meeting topics, which are essentially categories or types of meetings you typically hold.

Creating Meeting Topics

  • Limited to 1-2 topics depending on your pricing tier, which may be restrictive for businesses with diverse meeting needs
  • Customizable title, duration, and pricing to tailor each topic to your specific requirements
  • Option to set up payment integration (PayPal or UPI) for paid meetings or consultations

Sharing Meeting Topics

  • Each topic has a unique booking link that can be shared directly with clients or embedded on your website
  • Share direct links to specific meeting types with clients to streamline the booking process and ensure the right context for each meeting

While the meeting topic feature is useful for organizing and categorizing your meetings, the limitation of 1-2 topics on lower pricing tiers may be restrictive for businesses with diverse meeting needs. This limitation could lead to users having to manually manage multiple meeting types within a single topic, potentially causing confusion or administrative overhead.

Availability [06:36]

Setting up your availability is a straightforward process in, allowing you to define when you’re open for bookings.

Configuring Availability

  • Set availability for each day of the week, with the ability to have different schedules for different days
  • Create multiple time slots per day to accommodate various meeting types or time zone differences
  • Specify break times or off-hours to ensure a healthy work-life balance and avoid overbooking

Managing Time Off

  • Integrated holiday calendar for easy management of personal or company-wide time off
  • Schedule time off in advance to inform clients of your availability and prevent bookings during those periods
  • Automatically blocks bookings during selected dates, ensuring you can enjoy your time off without interruptions

One drawback is the inability to schedule holidays more than a few months in advance, which could be inconvenient for users who prefer to plan their time off well ahead. This limitation may require users to manually update their holiday calendar on a rolling basis, adding an extra administrative task to their workflow.

Branding [09:30] offers basic branding options to customize the look and feel of your booking page.

Customization Options

  • Upload a logo to showcase your brand and create a professional appearance
  • Choose a brand color and font color to align with your existing visual identity
  • Select from preset color schemes for quick and easy customization

Removing Branding

  • Available only on the highest pricing tier (Tier 3), which may be a significant investment for some users
  • May be necessary for users who prefer a cleaner, more professional booking page that fully reflects their brand

While the branding options are appreciated, the booking page’s overall design and user interface could be more attractive and intuitive. The layout and styling may not meet the expectations of users accustomed to more polished and modern booking experiences. Additionally, the limited customization options may not be sufficient for brands with strict visual guidelines or unique design requirements.

Integrations [14:00]

Integrating your calendar and meeting platform is essential for a seamless booking experience, but’s integration process has some quirks.

Calendar Integration

  • Supports Google and Microsoft calendars, covering the most popular calendar platforms
  • Required for booking functionality, as it ensures accurate availability and prevents double-bookings
  • Syncs availability and schedules in real-time, keeping your calendar up-to-date with any changes made through

Meeting Platform Integration

  • Uses Google Meet by default, which may be a drawback for users who prefer other video conferencing tools
  • Native video platform is available as an alternative, but its features and reliability are not as well-established as other popular platforms
  • Zoom integration is on the roadmap, indicating that the team is working on expanding the range of supported meeting platforms

The integration process can be confusing, with unclear error messages and a lack of guidance on how to resolve issues. This area could benefit from improved user experience and documentation, such as step-by-step guides, troubleshooting tips, and clearer error handling. The current integration flow may cause frustration for users who encounter problems and are unable to find quick solutions.

Nice to Haves… [17:00]

During the review, a few features stood out as potential improvements or additions to enhance’s overall functionality.

In-Person Meeting Scheduling

  • Currently limited to online meetings only, which may not suit the needs of businesses that rely on face-to-face interactions
  • Adding support for in-person meetings would expand use cases and make the platform more versatile

Team Booking

  • No built-in support for team or group bookings, making it difficult to manage schedules for multiple team members
  • An enterprise plan with multi-user functionality is planned, but the timeline and pricing for this feature are not yet known

Calendar Invites for Admin

  • Automatically add booked appointments to the admin’s calendar to streamline scheduling and reduce manual effort
  • This feature would ensure that the admin has a complete overview of all scheduled meetings without having to manually transfer bookings from to their personal calendar

Contacting Support [17:50]

When encountering issues with, contacting support is the next logical step. However, the support experience during this review left room for improvement.

Response Time

  • Waited several hours for a response, which may be too long for users with urgent issues or time-sensitive questions
  • Response times may vary depending on the support team’s workload and time zone, making it difficult to predict when help will arrive

Issue Resolution

  • Initial problem with booking page access was eventually resolved, but only after manual intervention from the support team
  • The resolution process could be more transparent, with clearer communication on the steps being taken and the expected timeline for a fix

A more responsive and proactive support system could help users troubleshoot problems more efficiently, especially during the onboarding process. Improved documentation, such as a knowledge base or FAQ section, could also empower users to resolve common issues on their own, reducing the need for direct support intervention.

Dark Mode [18:44] offers a dark mode option for users who prefer a lower-light interface.

Toggling Dark Mode

  • Easily switch between light and dark modes with a single click
  • The dark mode toggle is conveniently located in the main navigation menu, making it accessible from any page

Contrast and Readability

  • The dark mode background is quite dark, which may not provide sufficient contrast for some users
  • This contrast issue may cause readability problems, particularly for users with visual impairments or those accessing the platform on devices with lower screen brightness

While the dark mode option is a nice touch, the contrast and readability could be improved to ensure a comfortable user experience. This could involve adjusting the background color to a slightly lighter shade or increasing the contrast between text and background elements.

Updates & Roadmap [19:11]

Staying informed about’s updates and future plans is essential for users who want to make the most of their investment.

Update Log

  • Access a list of recent updates and improvements directly within the platform
  • The update log provides transparency and indicates the development team’s progress and priorities

Public Roadmap

  • maintains a public roadmap that outlines planned features and integrations
  • Key items on the roadmap include Zoom integration and a website booking widget, suggesting that the team is focused on expanding the platform’s capabilities and reach

The frequency and scope of updates leading up to the AppSumo launch suggest that is a relatively new tool with room for growth and improvement. While this rapid development pace is encouraging, it also means that users may encounter bugs or unpolished features as the platform matures.

Instant Meeting [20:25]’s instant meeting feature allows users to start a meeting on-the-fly, without prior scheduling.

Starting an Instant Meeting

  • Click the “Instant Meet” button in the main navigation to initiate a new meeting
  • Choose your preferred meeting provider ( or Google Meet) to ensure compatibility with your existing tools and workflows
  • Adjust settings (language, audio/video preferences) to customize the meeting experience

Joining an Instant Meeting

  • Copy and share the unique meeting link with participants via email, chat, or any other preferred communication channel
  • Participants can join using their web browser, without the need to download any additional software or create an account
  • No download or account creation required, lowering the barrier to entry for meeting participants

The instant meeting feature works well for impromptu discussions or urgent matters, but the meeting link sharing process could be more intuitive. For example, integrating with popular communication tools or providing one-click sharing options could streamline the process and save time.

White Board [24:40]

During meetings, offers a built-in whiteboard for collaborative brainstorming and note-taking.

Whiteboard Tools

  • Text input with adjustable font size and color, allowing for clear and readable notes
  • Drawing tools (pen, shapes, arrows) for visualizing ideas and creating diagrams
  • Erase and undo functionality to correct mistakes or make changes on the fly

Saving Whiteboard Content

  • Take snapshots of the whiteboard at any time to capture important ideas or discussion points
  • Snapshots are automatically saved for future reference, ensuring that no valuable information is lost
  • Option to clear the whiteboard and start fresh, providing a clean slate for each new topic or discussion

While the whiteboard feature is functional, it may take some time for users to get accustomed to its interface and controls. The tools and options available are not as intuitive or user-friendly as those found in dedicated whiteboarding apps, which could lead to a learning curve for some users.

Not the End [26:00]

Despite the initial challenges and limitations encountered during this review, it’s important to note that is a work in progress, and the team behind the platform is actively working on improvements and new features.

Resolving Issues

  • The support team was eventually able to resolve the booking page access issue, demonstrating their commitment to helping users overcome obstacles
  • As the platform matures, it’s likely that the team will continue to address bugs and refine the user experience based on feedback from early adopters

Potential for Growth

  •’s public roadmap and frequent updates suggest that the team is dedicated to expanding the platform’s capabilities and addressing user needs
  • With continued development and investment, has the potential to become a more robust and user-friendly meeting and booking solution

Actually the End [28:40]

In conclusion, is a promising meeting and booking tool that offers a range of features designed to simplify scheduling and enhance virtual collaboration. However, its current limitations and rough edges may not make it the ideal choice for every business.

Final Thoughts

  •’s AI-generated meeting summaries and native video conferencing capabilities set it apart from some competitors, but the platform’s user experience and onboarding process could be smoother
  • The lifetime deal on AppSumo represents an opportunity for businesses to invest in a tool with the potential for growth, but it’s crucial to carefully consider the platform’s current state and roadmap before making a purchase decision
  • For businesses already using Google tools and seeking an affordable, feature-rich meeting and booking solution, is worth exploring further

Moving Forward

  • As continues to evolve and improve, it will be interesting to see how the platform addresses user feedback and incorporates new features
  • Early adopters who choose to invest in the lifetime deal may benefit from being part of a growing community of users who can help shape the future direction of the platform
  • Ultimately, the decision to use will depend on each business’s unique needs, priorities, and tolerance for working with a relatively new and developing tool

Key Takeaways

  • is a meeting and booking tool with a range of features designed to streamline the scheduling process and enhance virtual collaboration, but its user experience and onboarding process could be improved.
  • AI-generated meeting summaries and native video conferencing capabilities set apart from some competitors, providing additional value for users.
  • Pricing plans offer varying levels of functionality, but limitations on meeting topics and lack of in-person meeting support may be drawbacks for some businesses.
  • Branding options are basic, and the overall design of the booking page could be more polished and professional to meet the expectations of modern users.
  • As a relatively new tool, shows promise but may require further development and refinement to meet the needs of a broader user base.
  • The public roadmap and frequent updates suggest that the team is actively working on improvements and new features, but users may encounter bugs or unpolished elements as the platform matures.
  • For businesses already invested in the Google ecosystem and seeking a lifetime deal on a meeting and booking tool, is worth considering, but it’s essential to weigh the current limitations and potential for growth against specific requirements before making a purchase decision.

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