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My Most Expensive LTD EVER (What I Got This Black Friday)

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Introduction [00:00]

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known for their incredible deals, and for those in the digital marketing and web development world, it’s an opportunity to snag some incredible lifetime deals (LTDs) on essential tools and software. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore the exciting purchases made by a seasoned digital marketer during this year’s Black Friday sales. From high-end hosting solutions to powerful WordPress plugins, we’ll dive deep into each acquisition, discussing their features, benefits, and why they were considered worthy investments. Whether you’re a web developer, agency owner, or simply curious about the latest trends in digital tools, this comprehensive breakdown will provide valuable insights into some of the most sought-after deals of the season.

As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday week kicks into high gear, the sheer number of offers can be overwhelming. To help navigate this sea of deals, the speaker recommends visiting the website, which features an index of over 150 deals. This resource allows users to sort by category, search through offers, and find specific coupon codes for each deal.

The main focus of this content is to share the speaker’s personal purchases during this sales event. These acquisitions range from high-ticket items to more affordable yet equally valuable tools. Each purchase is carefully considered, with an emphasis on long-term value and potential return on investment.

Key Points:

  • The Black Friday and Cyber Monday week offers an overwhelming number of deals
  • website provides an organized index of over 150 deals
  • The speaker will discuss their personal purchases during this sales event
  • Purchases range from expensive investments to more affordable tools
  • Each acquisition is evaluated based on long-term value and ROI potential

GridPane [01:00]

GridPane stands out as the most significant purchase made by the speaker during this Black Friday season. Despite being the most expensive lifetime deal (LTD) they’ve ever bought, the investment is justified by its potential to pay for itself within a year.

GridPane Offer Details:

  • Pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotion
  • Initially available to existing GridPane users (even those with just a trial account)
  • Set to open up to all users on Black Friday
  • Two main plans offered: Pro and Developer, with split pay options available

Why GridPane?

The speaker, who manages a digital marketing agency specializing in WordPress websites for small brands and businesses, chose the Developer plan for several reasons:

  • Allows for more effective management of WordPress sites
  • Potential to cut hosting costs in half by enabling direct server acquisition from providers
  • Plans to move all WordPress sites to GridPane while keeping non-WordPress sites with current host (Cloudways)
  • Intends to utilize $5,000 credit from to move everything to Amazon Web Services

Benefits and Future Prospects:

  • Expected to pay for itself within a year due to reduced hosting costs
  • Exciting current feature set
  • Promising roadmap for future developments

While the high cost of the GridPane deal may seem daunting, the speaker emphasizes its potential as a game-changer for their business operations and long-term cost savings.

Advanced Custom Fields [03:05]

The second deal discussed is for Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), a popular and widely-used WordPress plugin. This purchase is described as feeling “practically like stealing” in comparison to the GridPane deal, highlighting its exceptional value.

Deal Overview:

  • Developer pack offering unlimited site usage
  • Regular price: $100
  • Black Friday discount: 25% off
  • Priced in Australian dollars, resulting in further savings for US buyers

Why Advanced Custom Fields?

  • Essential plugin for WordPress development
  • Pro version offers additional valuable features
  • Final price after conversion and discount: approximately $52 for unlimited sites

Time-Sensitive Opportunity:

  • Lifetime deals for ACF will be discontinued starting January 2020
  • ACF plans to switch to an annual pricing model
  • Current deal likely represents the best price ever for the developer unlimited version

The speaker strongly recommends this deal for WordPress developers, emphasizing its unbeatable value and the limited time remaining to secure a lifetime license.

Piotnet [04:35]

The third deal highlighted is for Piotnet add-ons for Elementor, a popular WordPress page builder. Despite initially being hesitant about adding another add-on pack to their toolkit, the speaker found Piotnet’s unique features compelling enough to make the purchase.

Current Add-on Usage:

  • Ultimate Add-ons for Elementor from Brainstorm Force (included with Astra agency plan)
  • Essential Add-ons for Elementor (acquired through an AppSumo deal)

Standout Feature: Advanced Form Builder

  • Allows creation of complex, customizable forms within Elementor
  • Supports multi-step forms and advanced styling options
  • Offers functionality beyond Elementor Pro’s built-in form builder

Deal Details:

  • Regular price: $200 for unlimited lifetime usage
  • Black Friday price: $60 for unlimited sites
  • Considered a “no-brainer” purchase due to the advanced form building capabilities alone

The speaker emphasizes that the form builder feature alone justifies the $60 price tag, making this deal an excellent value for WordPress developers using Elementor.

BuddyBoss [06:40]

The final and most recent purchase discussed is BuddyBoss, a WordPress plugin that enables the creation of online communities. This deal was unexpected and time-sensitive, adding to its appeal.

Deal Overview:

  • Secret lifetime deal offered through a Facebook group
  • Limited time offer: 72-hour window (with approximately 60 hours remaining at the time of recording)

Why BuddyBoss?

  • Allows addition of online community features to WordPress websites
  • Similar functionality to the Tribe plugin currently offered on AppSumo
  • Key advantage: WordPress-based, allowing for self-hosting and greater control

Considerations and Advantages:

  • Self-hosting provides more control over the community platform
  • Reduces risks associated with relying on third-party software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions
  • Allows for easier management of updates and potential rollbacks if needed

While the BuddyBoss deal was also described as “not cheap,” the speaker views it as a valuable investment for creating and managing online communities with greater control and flexibility.

Key Takeaways

This Black Friday season has presented an array of exciting deals for digital marketers and WordPress developers. The speaker’s purchases reflect a strategic approach to investing in tools that offer long-term value and potential cost savings. Here are the main takeaways from their Black Friday haul:

  1. GridPane: Although the most expensive purchase, this hosting solution promises significant cost savings and improved WordPress site management. The potential to recoup the investment within a year makes it a calculated risk worth taking for agencies managing multiple WordPress sites.
  2. Advanced Custom Fields: This deal represents exceptional value, offering unlimited site usage for a fraction of the regular price. With lifetime deals ending soon, this purchase is timely and essential for WordPress developers looking to enhance their toolkit.
  3. Piotnet Add-ons for Elementor: Despite initial hesitation, the advanced form-building capabilities of this plugin justified its purchase. It serves as a reminder that sometimes a single standout feature can make a deal worthwhile, even if you’re not in need of an entire suite of add-ons.
  4. BuddyBoss: This unexpected deal highlights the importance of staying connected with deal communities and being ready to act on limited-time offers. The emphasis on self-hosting and greater control over community features demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to platform selection.

These purchases reflect several key strategies for making the most of Black Friday deals:

  • Prioritize investments that offer clear ROI or cost savings
  • Consider lifetime deals for essential tools, especially if they’re being phased out
  • Don’t overlook the value of single standout features in broader packages
  • Stay alert for unexpected, time-sensitive deals in niche communities

The speaker’s approach to these deals also underscores the importance of understanding your business needs and how new tools can address them. Each purchase was made with specific use cases in mind, from improving hosting efficiency to enhancing WordPress development capabilities and community-building options.

As the Black Friday and Cyber Monday season continues, it’s clear that there are still many opportunities for digital professionals to invest in tools that can significantly impact their workflow and bottom line. By carefully evaluating deals against business needs and long-term value, it’s possible to make strategic purchases that will pay dividends well into the future.

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