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Turn Voice Notes into Content in Seconds! Letterly AI LTD Review

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Introduction [00:00]

In today’s fast-paced digital world, content creation has become an essential aspect of online business growth. However, the process can be time-consuming and often challenging. Enter Letterly, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to transform your voice notes into polished, ready-to-use content. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore Letterly’s features, functionality, and potential impact on your content creation workflow.

Dave Swift, from, brings us another insightful edition of “That LTD Life,” where he examines the best (and sometimes the worst) lifetime deals available online. His goal? To help you save time and money while finding the tools you need to grow your online business. In this review, we’ll dive deep into Letterly, an AI-based tool that promises to revolutionize the way we create content using voice input.

As we progress through this detailed analysis, we’ll cover everything from Letterly’s pricing structure to its user interface, functionality, and real-world applications. We’ll also explore how this tool compares to existing solutions and its potential longevity in an ever-evolving tech landscape. Whether you’re a content creator, business owner, or simply someone looking to streamline their note-taking process, this review will provide valuable insights into how Letterly might fit into your digital toolkit.

Plans & Pricing [00:44]

Letterly offers a range of pricing options to cater to different user needs and team sizes. Let’s break down the plans and pricing structure to help you understand what you’re getting for your investment.

Flexible User-Based Pricing

  • Letterly’s pricing is based on the number of users or devices you need, rather than feature limitations
  • All plans offer up to 15-minute recordings, regardless of the tier you choose
  • The base plan is ideal for individual users who want to use Letterly on their personal phone

Plan Breakdown

  • Plan 1: Designed for single users
  • Plan 2: Suitable for small teams or individuals with multiple devices
  • Higher tier plans: Offer more devices per code, with an interesting scaling pattern

Unique Scaling Pattern

  • After Plan 2, you generally get two devices per code
  • An interesting anomaly occurs between the 5-code and 6-code plans:
  • 5 codes provide 8 devices
  • 6 codes unexpectedly jump to 11 devices, offering a potential sweet spot for larger teams

AppSumo Deal Comparison

  • The plan offered on AppSumo corresponds to Letterly’s Pro plan
  • AppSumo’s lifetime deal is priced at $59, compared to the $99/year subscription through the app
  • The AppSumo deal includes future features added to the Pro plan

Free Trial Option

  • Letterly offers a 7-day free trial through both the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Users can try the app before committing to the AppSumo deal
  • It’s crucial to cancel the trial before it ends to avoid being charged

Value Consideration

  • When evaluating Letterly’s pricing, consider:
  • The time you’ll save in content creation
  • The quality of output compared to manual transcription and editing
  • How often you’ll use the app in your workflow
  • The potential ROI for your business or personal productivity

Understanding Letterly’s pricing structure is essential for making an informed decision about whether this tool is right for you. The flexibility in user-based pricing and the potential value offered through the AppSumo deal make it an attractive option for those looking to streamline their content creation process.

Letterly Website [01:52]

The Letterly website serves as the first point of contact for potential users, and its design and functionality can often be indicative of the app’s overall quality. Let’s explore the key aspects of the Letterly website and what it tells us about the product.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • The website boasts a beautifully designed interface
  • Clean, modern layout that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate
  • Consistent branding and color scheme throughout the site

User Experience

  • Intuitive navigation makes it easy to find information about features and pricing
  • Clear call-to-action buttons guide users towards downloading the app
  • QR codes provided for both App Store and Google Play Store downloads

Content Presentation

  • Concise and informative descriptions of Letterly’s key features
  • Visual elements, such as screenshots or animations, showcase the app’s functionality
  • Testimonials or user reviews (if present) add credibility to the product

Technical Aspects

  • Fast loading times indicate good optimization
  • Mobile responsiveness ensures a smooth experience across devices
  • Secure connection (HTTPS) protects user data

Potential Areas for Improvement

  • Some elements may not load correctly in certain browsers
  • Additional interactive demos or videos could enhance user understanding

Website as a Reflection of App Quality

  • A well-designed website often correlates with a polished app experience
  • Attention to detail in web design suggests a similar approach to app development
  • User-friendly website navigation may indicate an intuitive app interface

Download Options

  • Clear instructions for downloading from both major app stores
  • QR codes make it easy to quickly access the app on mobile devices
  • Direct links to app store listings for desktop users

The Letterly website serves as an important touchpoint for potential users, offering a glimpse into the app’s design philosophy and attention to detail. Its aesthetic appeal and user-friendly layout create a positive first impression, setting expectations for a similarly polished app experience. While there may be minor loading issues, the overall presentation of the website instills confidence in the product’s quality and the team’s commitment to user experience.

Letterly Setup [03:08]

Setting up Letterly is a crucial step in getting started with the app. A smooth setup process can greatly enhance the user’s initial experience and set the tone for continued use. Let’s walk through the Letterly setup process and highlight key aspects that users should be aware of.

Downloading the App

  • Scan the QR code from the Letterly website using your smartphone
  • Alternatively, search for “Letterly” in your device’s app store
  • The app is available for both iOS and Android devices

Installation Process

  • Tap “Get” or “Install” in the app store
  • The app should download and install quickly, depending on your internet connection
  • Ensure you have enough storage space on your device for a smooth installation

Initial Launch

  • Open the app after installation
  • You’ll be greeted with a welcome screen introducing Letterly’s key features
  • The app may request permissions for microphone access, which is essential for its functionality

Onboarding Experience

  • Letterly guides users through a brief onboarding process
  • Users are prompted to select their primary use cases for the app (e.g., messages, emails, notes, social media posts)
  • This personalization helps tailor the app experience to individual needs

Free Trial Activation

  • Users are offered a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan
  • The trial provides full access to all features, allowing for a comprehensive test of the app
  • No credit card is required to start the trial, reducing barriers to entry

Account Creation

  • Users may be prompted to create an account or sign in
  • Option to use email, Google, or Apple sign-in for convenience
  • Creating an account helps sync data across devices and secures your content

Initial Settings Configuration

  • After account creation, users can customize their initial settings
  • Options may include preferred language, default content types, or notification preferences
  • These settings can be adjusted later in the app’s configuration menu

Tutorial or Walkthrough

  • Letterly may offer a brief tutorial showcasing its main features
  • Interactive elements guide users through their first recording and transcription
  • Tips and hints appear to help users make the most of the app’s capabilities

The setup process for Letterly is designed to be straightforward and user-friendly, allowing new users to quickly get started with the app. By guiding users through personalization options and offering a free trial, Letterly aims to provide a tailored experience that showcases its value from the outset. The smooth onboarding process sets the stage for users to explore the app’s features and integrate Letterly into their content creation workflow.

Quick Tip: Unsubscribing to Trials [04:54]

When trying out new apps and services, it’s crucial to manage your subscriptions effectively to avoid unexpected charges. Dave Swift shares a valuable tip for handling free trials, specifically with Letterly, but applicable to many subscription-based services. Let’s explore this advice in detail and understand why it’s so important.

The Importance of Immediate Unsubscribing

  • Unsubscribe from the trial as soon as you sign up
  • This prevents forgetting and accidentally being charged after the trial period
  • You still retain full access to the trial for its entire duration

Step-by-Step Guide to Unsubscribing (iOS)

  • Open your device’s Settings app
  • Tap on your name at the top of the settings menu
  • Navigate to “Subscriptions”
  • Find and select the Letterly subscription
  • Tap “Cancel Free Trial” or “Cancel Subscription”
  • Confirm the cancellation when prompted

Benefits of Early Cancellation

  • Peace of mind knowing you won’t be charged unexpectedly
  • Freedom to fully explore the app without financial pressure
  • Ability to make an informed decision about purchasing at the end of the trial

Trial Period Access

  • Cancelling does not end your trial immediately
  • You maintain full access to all features until the trial period ends
  • In Letterly’s case, you get the full 7-day trial even after cancellation

Considerations for Other Platforms

  • Android users can manage subscriptions through the Google Play Store
  • Process may vary slightly for different app stores or subscription services
  • Always locate the subscription management section in your device’s settings or app store

Making an Informed Decision

  • Use the trial period to thoroughly test all features
  • Evaluate how well the app integrates into your workflow
  • Compare the app’s functionality with your specific needs and expectations

If You Decide to Subscribe

  • You can always resubscribe before the trial ends if you find value in the service
  • Consider the AppSumo lifetime deal for Letterly as a potential long-term, cost-effective option
  • Weigh the benefits of a subscription against one-time purchase options

Ethical Considerations

  • This practice is not about exploiting free trials
  • It’s a responsible way to manage your digital subscriptions and expenses
  • Most companies expect and account for this behavior in their business models

By following this quick tip to unsubscribe from trials immediately, you can explore new apps and services like Letterly without the worry of unexpected charges. This practice allows you to fully evaluate the app’s features and make an informed decision about whether to continue using the service beyond the trial period. Remember, responsible subscription management is key to maintaining control over your digital expenses and ensuring you’re only paying for services that truly add value to your life or business.

Letterly App Interface [05:52]

The user interface (UI) of an app plays a crucial role in its usability and overall user experience. Letterly’s interface is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly navigate and utilize its features. Let’s explore the key elements of Letterly’s app interface and how they contribute to the user experience.

Home Screen Layout

  • Clean and minimalist design with a focus on core functionality
  • Prominent recording button centrally located for easy access
  • Quick access to recent recordings or transcriptions

Navigation Menu

  • Clearly labeled icons for different sections of the app
  • Typically includes options like recordings, transcripts, and settings
  • Easy to switch between different features and functions

Recording Interface

  • Large, easily tappable record button
  • Visual feedback during recording (e.g., waveform animation)
  • Clear display of recording duration
  • Options to pause, resume, or stop recording

Transcription View

  • Clean text display of transcribed content
  • Easy-to-read font and appropriate text size
  • Options to edit or make corrections to the transcription

Rewrite Options

  • Accessible menu for selecting different rewrite styles
  • Clear categorization of rewrite types (e.g., formal, casual, summary)
  • Preview functionality to see how rewrites will look

Favorites and Customization

  • Ability to star or favorite frequently used rewrite options
  • Customizable quick access to preferred functions

Settings and Configuration

  • Organized settings menu for app preferences
  • Options to manage account, adjust transcription settings, or configure AI behavior

Sharing and Export

  • Easily accessible sharing options for created content
  • Integration with common apps and services for seamless workflow

Visual Feedback and Animations

  • Subtle animations to indicate processing or loading states
  • Clear visual cues for successful actions or errors

Accessibility Features

  • High contrast options for better readability
  • Support for system-wide accessibility settings (e.g., larger text sizes)

Error Handling and Help

  • Clear error messages with suggestions for resolution
  • Easy access to help documentation or support resources

Letterly’s app interface is designed to streamline the process of converting voice notes into various types of content. The focus on simplicity and ease of use is evident throughout the app, from the prominent recording button to the intuitive rewrite options. By providing a clean, uncluttered interface, Letterly allows users to focus on their content creation without being bogged down by complex menus or confusing layouts.

The app’s design also seems to prioritize efficiency, with quick access to frequently used features and the ability to customize the experience through favorites and settings. This user-centric approach helps to reduce the learning curve and makes the app accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Overall, Letterly’s interface appears to strike a balance between functionality and simplicity, providing a pleasant user experience that complements its powerful AI-driven features. This thoughtful design contributes significantly to the app’s usability and potential for integration into users’ content creation workflows.

Letterly Settings [06:33]

The settings section of any app is crucial for customization and optimal user experience. Letterly’s settings menu offers various options to tailor the app to individual preferences and needs. Let’s explore the key features and configurations available in Letterly’s settings.

General Settings

  • Language preferences for both input and output
  • Theme options (e.g., light mode, dark mode, system default)
  • Notification settings for completed transcriptions or rewrites

Account Management

  • User profile information and editing options
  • Subscription details and management
  • Options to upgrade or change plans

Transcription Settings

  • Accuracy level preferences (may affect processing time)
  • Speaker identification options for multi-person recordings
  • Custom vocabulary for industry-specific terms or names

AI Rewrite Configurations

  • Default rewrite style preferences
  • Customization of AI tone and formality levels
  • Options to prioritize certain rewrite types in suggestions

Storage and Backup

  • Local storage management for recordings and transcripts
  • Cloud sync settings for backup and cross-device access
  • Options to clear cache or delete old data

Privacy and Security

  • Data retention policies and controls
  • Options to enable or disable data sharing for app improvement
  • Two-factor authentication settings

Integration Settings

  • Configuration for third-party app integrations
  • Cloud storage service connections (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • API access management for developers

Accessibility Options

  • Text size and contrast settings
  • Voice control or screen reader compatibility options
  • Customizable gesture controls

Help and Support

  • Access to FAQs and documentation
  • In-app tutorials or guided tours
  • Direct contact options for customer support

Performance Optimization

  • Battery usage settings
  • Background processing options
  • Data usage controls for cellular networks

The settings menu in Letterly provides users with a high degree of control over their app experience. By offering detailed customization options, Letterly caters to a wide range of user preferences and needs. The ability to fine-tune transcription accuracy, AI rewrite styles, and privacy settings allows users to optimize the app for their specific use cases.

The inclusion of accessibility options demonstrates Letterly’s commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that users with different needs can effectively use the app. Similarly, the integration settings showcase the app’s potential to fit seamlessly into existing workflows and tech stacks.

Overall, Letterly’s comprehensive settings menu empowers users to tailor the app to their liking, potentially increasing user satisfaction and long-term engagement with the platform. The thoughtful organization of these settings also contributes to the app’s user-friendly nature, making it easy for both casual and power users to find and adjust the options they need.

Starting a Recording [06:55]

Initiating a recording in Letterly is a fundamental feature that sets the stage for the app’s AI-powered content creation process. Understanding how to start a recording effectively is crucial for getting the most out of Letterly. Let’s explore the steps and considerations involved in beginning a recording session.

Accessing the Recording Feature

  • Locate the prominent microphone icon, typically centrally placed on the home screen
  • Alternatively, navigate to the “New Recording” section if available

Preparing for the Recording

  • Ensure you’re in a quiet environment to maximize audio quality
  • Check that your device’s microphone is unobstructed
  • Consider using an external microphone for higher quality audio if needed

Initiating the Recording

  • Tap the microphone icon to start recording
  • Observe the visual cues that indicate recording has begun (e.g., pulsing animation)
  • Note the recording timer that starts counting up

During the Recording

  • Speak clearly and at a natural pace
  • Pause briefly between thoughts to aid in transcription accuracy
  • Monitor the recording duration, keeping in mind the 15-minute limit per session

Recording Options

  • Pause button: Temporarily halt recording if needed
  • Resume option: Continue recording after a pause
  • Stop button: End the recording session

Screen Off Functionality

  • Letterly continues recording even when the screen is off
  • This feature allows for discreet recording or battery conservation
  • Be mindful of privacy considerations when using this feature

Offline Recording Capability

  • Recordings can be made without an internet connection
  • Transcription and AI processing occur once reconnected
  • Useful for capturing ideas in areas with poor connectivity

Post-Recording Actions

  • Option to immediately play back the recording
  • Prompt to begin transcription process
  • Ability to add a title or tags to the recording for organization

Starting a recording with Letterly is designed to be a straightforward process, allowing users to quickly capture their thoughts or conversations. The app’s intuitive interface and helpful features like screen-off recording and offline capabilities make it versatile for various use cases, from quick note-taking to more formal content creation sessions.

Rewrite – Newsletter [08:45]

After recording and transcribing your voice notes, Letterly offers various rewrite options to transform your content. One such option is the Newsletter rewrite, which can turn your spoken words into a formatted newsletter. Let’s explore this feature in detail.

Accessing the Newsletter Rewrite

  • Navigate to the transcribed content
  • Look for the “Rewrite” or “Content Creation” option
  • Select “Newsletter” from the list of available formats

Newsletter Format Structure

  • Automatically generates a title based on the content
  • Creates an introduction or greeting (e.g., “Hello, subscriber name”)
  • Organizes content into paragraphs or sections
  • May include subheadings for better readability

Content Adaptation

  • AI attempts to maintain the original message and tone
  • Cleans up informal speech patterns for a more polished written style
  • May expand on certain points to provide more context

Markdown Formatting

  • Utilizes markdown syntax for easy styling
  • Includes elements like headers, bullet points, and emphasis
  • Allows for easy conversion to HTML or other formats

Customization Options

  • Ability to adjust the tone (formal, casual, professional)
  • Options to specify newsletter length or focus
  • Potential to include call-to-action elements

Limitations and Considerations

  • May sometimes include AI-generated phrases (e.g., “We hope this message finds you well”)
  • Might retain elements from the original recording that need editing (e.g., “We’re excited to create some social media content”)
  • Requires review and potential manual editing for best results

The Newsletter rewrite feature in Letterly demonstrates the app’s ability to repurpose spoken content into a more structured, written format suitable for email campaigns or regular updates. While it provides a solid foundation, users should be prepared to review and refine the output to ensure it aligns perfectly with their brand voice and intended message.

Editing Your Recording [10:37]

Letterly provides users with the ability to edit their recordings before proceeding with rewrites or other content transformations. This feature is crucial for refining your input and ensuring the best possible output. Let’s delve into the editing capabilities of Letterly.

Accessing the Edit Function

  • Navigate to the transcribed content of your recording
  • Look for an “Edit” button or icon, typically near the transcript

Text-Based Editing

  • Full transcript displayed in an editable text format
  • Ability to add, delete, or modify text directly
  • Option to correct any transcription errors

Segmentation and Reorganization

  • Cut and paste functionality to reorder content
  • Option to break long paragraphs into shorter segments
  • Ability to combine related points from different parts of the recording

Highlighting and Emphasis

  • Tools to highlight key points or phrases
  • Options to add emphasis (bold, italics) to important segments

Removing Filler Content

  • Easy deletion of um’s, ah’s, and other verbal fillers
  • Option to streamline repetitive or redundant content

Version History

  • Potential feature to view and revert to previous edits
  • Ability to compare different versions of the edited transcript

Saving Edits

  • Auto-save functionality to prevent loss of changes
  • Manual save option for significant edits

The editing feature in Letterly allows users to refine their initial recordings, ensuring that the content is polished and ready for further processing or direct use. This step is crucial for producing high-quality output, especially when using the various rewrite options available in the app.

Rewrite – Magic [10:59]

The “Magic” rewrite option in Letterly is designed to automatically enhance and refine your content using AI. This feature aims to improve the overall quality and readability of your transcribed text without drastically changing its core message. Let’s explore the capabilities and characteristics of the Magic rewrite function.

Accessing Magic Rewrite

  • Navigate to the edited transcript
  • Look for the “Rewrite” or “AI Enhancement” option
  • Select “Magic” or “AI will choose the best way to rewrite”

AI-Driven Improvements

  • Automatic correction of grammar and syntax errors
  • Enhancement of sentence structure for better flow
  • Vocabulary enrichment while maintaining the original tone

Content Optimization

  • Addition of relevant subheadings or titles
  • Improvement of paragraph structure and organization
  • Potential expansion on key points for clarity

Tone and Style Preservation

  • Attempts to maintain the original voice and style of the speaker
  • Balances between formality and casualness based on content

Length Considerations

  • Generally maintains a similar length to the original content
  • May condense repetitive sections for conciseness

Formatting Enhancements

  • Adds appropriate formatting elements (e.g., bullet points, numbering)
  • Improves overall visual structure of the content

Limitations and Considerations

  • May not always capture nuanced context or specific intentions
  • Requires user review to ensure accuracy of enhanced content
  • Best used as a starting point for further refinement

The Magic rewrite feature in Letterly serves as a quick and efficient way to polish your transcribed content. While it provides valuable improvements, users should always review the output to ensure it aligns with their intended message and make any necessary adjustments.

More Rewrite Options [11:58]

Letterly offers a diverse range of rewrite options beyond the Magic and Newsletter formats, catering to various content needs and platforms. These options allow users to repurpose their voice recordings into different formats suitable for various communication channels and purposes. Let’s explore some of these additional rewrite options:

Social Media Content

  • X (formerly Twitter) posts and threads
  • Facebook posts
  • LinkedIn articles or updates
  • Instagram captions

Professional Communication

  • Formal emails
  • Casual emails
  • Meeting minutes or summaries
  • Business reports

Personal Development

  • Journal entries
  • Gratitude journal entries
  • Personal reflections

Content Creation

  • Blog post drafts
  • Video scripts
  • Podcast show notes

Educational Content

  • Lesson plans
  • Study guides
  • Educational summaries

Creative Writing

  • Story outlines
  • Character descriptions
  • Dialogue snippets

List Formats

  • To-do lists
  • Bullet point summaries
  • Step-by-step guides

Analytical Content

  • SWOT analyses
  • Project proposals
  • Data interpretation summaries

Customization Features

  • Ability to adjust tone (formal, casual, humorous)
  • Options to specify content length
  • Keyword focus for SEO optimization

Favorite and Recent Rewrites

  • Option to star frequently used rewrite styles
  • Quick access to recently used formats

Combining Rewrite Styles

  • Potential to mix elements from different rewrite options
  • Customizable templates based on user preferences

These diverse rewrite options showcase Letterly’s versatility in content creation. Users can experiment with different formats to find the best fit for their specific needs, whether it’s crafting engaging social media posts, structuring formal business communications, or developing creative writing pieces. The ability to customize and favorite certain styles further enhances the app’s efficiency, allowing users to quickly transform their voice recordings into polished, purpose-specific content.

Rewrite – Friendly Message [13:03]

The “Friendly Message” rewrite option in Letterly is designed to transform your voice notes into a warm, approachable text suitable for personal communications or casual business interactions. This feature is particularly useful when you want to maintain a conversational tone while ensuring clarity and coherence. Let’s delve into the characteristics and benefits of the Friendly Message rewrite:

Accessing Friendly Message Rewrite

  • Navigate to the transcribed and edited content
  • Select the “Rewrite” or “Content Transformation” option
  • Choose “Friendly Message” from the list of available formats

Tone Adjustment

  • Softens formal language to create a more approachable tone
  • Incorporates casual phrases and colloquialisms where appropriate
  • Maintains a positive and encouraging voice throughout the message

Content Adaptation

  • Restructures sentences for a more conversational flow
  • Breaks down complex ideas into simpler, more digestible segments
  • Adds personal touches or anecdotes to enhance relatability

Language Simplification

  • Replaces jargon or technical terms with more common alternatives
  • Uses contractions and informal language patterns
  • Incorporates questions or rhetorical devices to engage the reader

Formatting for Readability

  • Breaks long paragraphs into shorter, more manageable chunks
  • Adds appropriate greetings and sign-offs
  • Includes emojis or casual punctuation where suitable (e.g., exclamation points)

Context Preservation

  • Maintains the core message and key points from the original recording
  • Ensures that important information is not lost in the transformation

Personalization Options

  • Ability to include recipient’s name or personalized references
  • Options to adjust the level of friendliness based on the relationship

Best Use Cases

  • Personal emails or messages to friends and family
  • Customer service responses
  • Team communications in a relaxed work environment
  • Social media engagement with followers

The Friendly Message rewrite option in Letterly provides a valuable tool for creating warm, engaging content from your voice recordings. It’s particularly useful for situations where you want to convey information in a casual, approachable manner while maintaining professionalism and clarity. As with all AI-generated content, it’s important to review and potentially refine the output to ensure it accurately reflects your intended tone and message.

Favorites [13:36]

Letterly’s Favorites feature is a user-friendly tool designed to streamline your workflow by providing quick access to your most frequently used or preferred rewrite options. This functionality allows users to customize their experience and increase efficiency in content creation. Let’s explore the key aspects of the Favorites feature:

Adding to Favorites

  • Look for a star icon next to rewrite options
  • Tap the star to add a specific rewrite style to your favorites
  • Visual confirmation (e.g., filled star) indicates successful addition

Accessing Favorites

  • Favorites typically appear at the top of the rewrite options list
  • May have a dedicated “Favorites” tab or section for easy access
  • Allows for quick selection of preferred rewrite styles

Customization Benefits

  • Tailors the app experience to individual user preferences
  • Reduces time spent scrolling through all available options
  • Enables quick access to most relevant rewrite styles for your needs

Managing Favorites

  • Option to remove items from favorites by un-starring
  • Potential to reorder favorites based on frequency of use
  • Ability to view all favorited options in one place

Use Cases

  • Content creators can favorite styles specific to their niche
  • Business users can prioritize professional communication formats
  • Personal users can highlight casual or creative writing options

Syncing Across Devices

  • Favorites may sync across devices if cloud sync is enabled
  • Ensures consistent experience when using Letterly on multiple platforms

Discovering New Options

  • Favoriting doesn’t limit access to other rewrite styles
  • Encourages exploration of new formats while maintaining efficiency

Potential AI Learning

  • App may use favorited options to suggest similar or complementary styles
  • Could inform future updates or personalized recommendations

The Favorites feature in Letterly serves as a powerful tool for personalizing and optimizing your content creation process. By allowing users to highlight their most-used rewrite options, it significantly reduces the time and effort required to transform voice recordings into polished, purpose-specific content. This feature demonstrates Letterly’s commitment to user-centric design, enhancing the overall efficiency and satisfaction of using the app.

Screen Off [14:23]

The Screen Off feature in Letterly is a valuable functionality that allows users to continue recording even when their device’s screen is turned off or locked. This feature enhances the app’s versatility and usability in various scenarios. Let’s explore the key aspects and implications of the Screen Off recording capability:

How It Works

  • Start recording as usual within the Letterly app
  • Turn off the screen or lock the device
  • Recording continues in the background
  • Audio capture remains active until manually stopped


  • Conserves battery life during long recording sessions
  • Allows for discreet recording in meetings or interviews
  • Prevents accidental touch inputs during recording
  • Enables hands-free operation for extended periods

Use Cases

  • Recording lectures or long presentations
  • Capturing ideas while driving (where legal and safe)
  • Taking voice notes during walks or exercise
  • Recording in situations where active screen use is distracting

Privacy Considerations

  • Potential for unintended recording if user forgets to stop
  • Importance of being aware of local laws regarding audio recording
  • Ethical considerations when recording others without visible indicators

Device-Specific Behavior

  • May vary slightly depending on the operating system (iOS vs. Android)
  • Some devices might display a persistent notification while recording
  • Potential integration with device’s native voice recording features

Audio Quality

  • Generally maintains the same quality as screen-on recording
  • May be affected by device positioning when screen is off
  • Consideration of microphone placement for optimal results

Battery Impact

  • Significantly less battery drain compared to screen-on recording
  • Still consumes more power than standby mode
  • Users should monitor battery levels during extended sessions

Accessing Recorded Content

  • Recordings are saved and accessible when reopening the app
  • May require unlocking the device to stop recording or access content
  • Option to set auto-stop after a certain duration for safety

Potential Limitations

  • Some device settings or power-saving modes might interfere
  • Background app refresh settings may need adjustment
  • Possible interruptions from incoming calls or notifications

The Screen Off recording feature in Letterly significantly enhances the app’s functionality, allowing for more flexible and convenient voice note-taking. It addresses real-world needs, such as conserving battery life and enabling discreet recording. However, users should be mindful of privacy implications and device-specific behaviors to make the most of this feature while respecting ethical and legal considerations.

Offline Mode [15:06]

Letterly’s Offline Mode is a crucial feature that allows users to continue recording and using basic functionalities of the app even without an active internet connection. This capability enhances the app’s reliability and usability in various situations where connectivity might be limited or unavailable. Let’s explore the key aspects of Letterly’s Offline Mode:

Recording Functionality

  • Ability to start and stop recordings without an internet connection
  • Audio capture works as normal in offline mode
  • Recordings are stored locally on the device

Temporary Storage

  • Offline recordings are saved on the device’s local storage
  • App manages storage to prevent overflow or data loss
  • Option to set storage limits or receive warnings when nearing capacity

Syncing Process

  • When internet connection is restored, app initiates sync
  • Offline recordings are uploaded to the cloud (if enabled)
  • Transcription and AI processing begin automatically after sync

User Interface in Offline Mode

  • Clear indicators showing the app is operating offline
  • Access to previously downloaded or local content
  • Limitations on certain features clearly communicated to the user

Accessible Features Offline

  • Basic playback of previously recorded audio
  • Access to locally stored transcriptions
  • Limited editing capabilities for existing content

Limitations in Offline Mode

  • Unable to perform AI-powered rewrites or transformations
  • No access to cloud-stored content not previously downloaded
  • Inability to share or export content until reconnected

Battery Considerations

  • Potential for improved battery life due to reduced data usage
  • Option to enable power-saving features specific to offline mode

Data Management

  • Control over which content is available offline
  • Options to manually trigger sync when connection is restored
  • Settings to manage data usage upon reconnection (e.g., sync only on Wi-Fi)

Use Cases

  • Recording in areas with poor or no internet coverage
  • Taking notes during flights or in signal-dead zones
  • Ensuring continuous functionality during network outages

Offline to Online Transition

  • Seamless transition when internet connection is restored
  • Background syncing to minimize disruption to user workflow
  • Notifications for completed syncs or pending actions

Letterly’s Offline Mode demonstrates the app’s commitment to providing a reliable and versatile voice recording and note-taking experience. By allowing users to continue capturing their thoughts and ideas regardless of internet connectivity, Letterly ensures that inspiration or important information is never lost due to technical limitations. This feature is particularly valuable for users who frequently find themselves in areas with unreliable internet access or those who prefer to work offline for privacy or data conservation reasons.

Rewrite – List [16:15]

The List rewrite option in Letterly is a powerful feature that transforms your voice recordings into structured, easy-to-read lists. This functionality is particularly useful for creating todo lists, shopping lists, or organizing ideas and tasks from your spoken words. Let’s explore the key aspects of the List rewrite feature:

Accessing List Rewrite

  • Navigate to the transcribed content
  • Select the “Rewrite” or “Format” option
  • Choose “List” or “Make a list for tasks, shopping, etc.” from the available options

Content Transformation

  • Automatically identifies list-worthy items from your spoken content
  • Organizes information into a bulleted or numbered list format
  • Removes unnecessary filler words and phrases

List Structure

  • Creates a clear, concise title for the list based on content
  • Arranges items in a logical order (e.g., chronological, priority-based)
  • Groups related items together when appropriate


  • Uses markdown syntax for easy styling and compatibility
  • Includes sub-points or nested lists when necessary
  • Adds checkboxes for interactive todo lists (if supported by the export format)

Content Refinement

  • Simplifies complex sentences into concise list items
  • Standardizes language across list items for consistency
  • Adds clarifying details in parentheses when needed

Customization Options

  • Ability to choose between different list styles (e.g., bullet points, numbers, checkboxes)
  • Options to sort items alphabetically or by mentioned priority
  • Settings to adjust the level of detail in list items

Use Cases

  • Creating shopping lists from spoken inventory checks
  • Organizing project tasks from brainstorming sessions
  • Compiling meeting action items from recorded discussions

Export and Sharing

  • Easy export to note-taking apps or task management tools
  • Options to share lists via email or messaging platforms
  • Compatibility with popular productivity apps for seamless workflow integration

The List rewrite feature in Letterly demonstrates the app’s ability to not only transcribe but also intelligently structure your spoken content. By automatically transforming rambling thoughts or casual speech into organized, actionable lists, Letterly saves users significant time and effort in the content creation process. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals who prefer verbal note-taking but need their information in a more structured, written format for reference or sharing.

Sharing [17:17]

The Sharing feature in Letterly is a crucial component that allows users to export and distribute their created content across various platforms and applications. This functionality enhances the app’s versatility and integration capabilities with other tools in a user’s workflow. Let’s explore the key aspects of Letterly’s sharing options:

Accessing Sharing Options

  • Look for a “Share” button or icon, typically represented by an arrow or dots
  • May be located near the completed transcription or rewritten content
  • Can often be accessed from both the main menu and individual content pages

Supported Sharing Methods

  • Direct export to popular note-taking apps (e.g., Evernote, OneNote)
  • Integration with cloud storage services (e.g., Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Email sharing for quick distribution
  • Messaging app integration for instant sharing
  • Copy to clipboard for flexible pasting

Format Options

  • Plain text for simple, universal compatibility
  • Markdown for preserving formatting in supported platforms
  • Rich text (RTF) for more advanced formatting preservation
  • PDF export for a polished, ready-to-share document

Customization Before Sharing

  • Options to edit content one last time before sharing
  • Ability to add tags or categories for better organization in target apps
  • Settings to include or exclude metadata (e.g., date created, word count)

Integration with Productivity Tools

  • Direct export to project management tools (e.g., Trello, Asana)
  • Integration with calendar apps for creating events or reminders
  • Compatibility with social media scheduling tools

Privacy and Security Considerations

  • Options to password-protect shared files
  • Control over permissions when sharing to cloud services
  • Ability to set expiration dates for shared links

Collaborative Features

  • Options to share editable versions for team collaboration
  • Integration with version control systems for tracking changes

Sharing Analytics

  • Potential tracking of how often content is shared
  • Insights into which sharing methods are used most frequently

Mobile-Specific Sharing

  • Integration with mobile OS sharing menus for seamless experience
  • Quick share options to recently used apps or contacts

The Sharing feature in Letterly significantly enhances the app’s utility by allowing users to easily distribute their created content across various platforms and integrate it into their existing workflows. This functionality ensures that the valuable content generated from voice recordings can be efficiently utilized in other applications, shared with team members, or stored in preferred locations. The variety of sharing options and format choices caters to different user needs and preferences, making Letterly a versatile tool in content creation and distribution processes.

Conclusion [18:13]

As we wrap up this comprehensive review of Letterly, it’s clear that this AI-powered voice-to-content tool offers a compelling solution for individuals and businesses looking to streamline their content creation process. Let’s summarize the key points and provide an overall assessment of the app.

Key Features Recap

  • Efficient voice recording with transcription capabilities
  • Multiple AI-powered rewrite options for various content types
  • Offline recording functionality
  • Screen-off recording for extended sessions
  • User-friendly interface with customizable favorites
  • Versatile sharing and export options


  • Time-saving potential for content creators and professionals
  • Flexibility in content transformation (e.g., newsletters, lists, friendly messages)
  • Thoughtful features like offline mode and screen-off recording
  • Integration capabilities with other productivity tools
  • Affordable pricing structure, especially with the AppSumo lifetime deal

Areas for Improvement

  • 15-minute recording limit may be restrictive for some users
  • Occasional AI-generated phrases may require manual editing
  • Lack of desktop application limits full cross-platform functionality

User Experience

  • Intuitive interface design promotes ease of use
  • Quick learning curve for basic functionalities
  • Customization options allow for a personalized experience

Value Proposition

  • Potential for significant time savings in content creation
  • Versatility in transforming voice notes into various content formats
  • Affordable alternative to more expensive SaaS subscriptions

Final Rating: 7.7/10

Dave Swift’s rating of 7.7 out of 10 for Letterly seems fair and well-reasoned. The app demonstrates excellent execution of its core features and offers a beautiful, user-friendly interface. Its ability to transform voice recordings into various content types with AI-powered rewrites is impressive and potentially very useful for a wide range of users.

Future Outlook

  • Potential for feature integration into native OS applications
  • Ongoing improvements in AI accuracy and content generation
  • Possible expansion to desktop platforms for broader appeal


Letterly appears to be a valuable tool for individuals and businesses looking to optimize their content creation process, especially those who prefer voice input or frequently create content on-the-go. The AppSumo lifetime deal offers particularly good value for those willing to invest in the long-term use of the app.

However, potential users should consider their specific needs and workflow integration requirements before committing. While Letterly offers impressive functionality, its long-term value will depend on how well it fits into individual content creation processes and how it evolves in comparison to native OS features.

In conclusion, Letterly represents an innovative approach to voice-based content creation, offering a blend of AI-powered features and user-friendly design. Its potential to save time and streamline workflows makes it a noteworthy contender in the productivity app market, particularly for those who frequently engage in content creation across various formats.

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