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wordpress media library

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WordPress Media Library Explained & Favorite Media Plugins [WPME 12/16]

15 minutes

Discover the power of WordPress Media Library in this comprehensive guide. Learn how to efficiently manage your media files, optimize images, and enhance functionality with plugins like Happy Files and Pexels. Explore built-in editing tools, best practices for organization, and tips to improve site performance. Master your media management and create a more engaging WordPress

wordpress security & backup tutorial

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WordPress Security & Backup Tutorial [WPME 15/16]

16 minutes

Protect your WordPress site with robust security measures and reliable backups. Implement strong password policies, use quality hosting, and keep plugins updated. Regularly scan for vulnerabilities using tools like WordFence. Create a comprehensive backup strategy with solutions like Cloudways or Updraft. Remember, security is an ongoing process requiring vigilance and proactive


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Collect Leads Via Facebook Groups with GroupBoss Chrome Extension

4 minutes

GroupBoss is a Chrome extension that revolutionizes Facebook group management by automating member data collection. It captures names, emails, and responses to joining questions, exporting them to Google Sheets and integrating with popular email marketing platforms. This time-saving tool transforms Facebook groups into powerful lead generation engines, making it invaluable for marketers, businesses.

wp landing kit update child pages thumbnail

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WP Landing Kit Update – Child Pages Are Here! (almost!)

8 minutes

Introduction [00:00] WP Landing Kit is a powerful WordPress plugin that allows you to connect multiple domains to a single WordPress installation, making it an ...


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Client Reporting For Digital Marketing Agencies – LTD From Oviond [AppSumo 2020]

18 minutes

Oviond, available on AppSumo, offers digital marketing agencies a comprehensive client reporting solution. With customizable dashboards, automated reports, and extensive integrations, it streamlines data presentation. The user-friendly interface and white-labeling features allow agencies to create professional, branded reports. While some integrations are still in development


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That LTD Life Is Ending… Here Is What’s Next (Profitable Tools)

2 minutes

"That LTD Life" YouTube channel, known for trusted lifetime deal reviews, is rebranding as "Profitable Tools". This expansion aims to cover a broader range of software solutions for business growth and automation. While continuing to review LTDs, the channel will now explore diverse tools that can boost profitability.