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does cpu speed and ram matter

Exploring WordPress hosting requirements, this analysis tests various server configurations to determine optimal setups for different site needs. From budget-friendly $10 plans to robust $50 options, we examine how RAM, CPU speed, and caching impact performance. Discover the sweet spots for your WordPress site, balancing cost and capability to ensure smooth operation under various traffic

funnelkit v2

FunnelKit v2, formerly WooFunnels, revolutionizes sales funnels for WordPress. This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, offering intuitive funnel building, customizable checkout fields, and advanced features like A/B testing and global checkout optimization. With its user-friendly interface and robust analytics, FunnelKit v2 empowers businesses to create high-converting funnels, maximize revenue.

jasper ai

Jasper.ai, an AI-powered copywriting tool, offers a range of templates for various content needs. While it won’t replace human creativity entirely, it proves valuable for generating solid content foundations. With features like the AIDA framework and Facebook ad headlines, Jasper.ai streamlines the copywriting process, earning a 7.8/10 rating for its versatility and time-saving potential.

appsumo black friday 2020

AppSumo’s Black Friday 2020 sale offers a diverse range of discounted software tools for businesses. From project management to social media automation, these deals cater to various needs. While the savings are attractive, it’s crucial to consider long-term value, integration capabilities, and scalability. Utilize the BF2020 coupon code for extra savings and leverage community insights

email 101

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for businesses, potentially generating 25-30% of online revenue. Success hinges on understanding three key email types: work mail, transactional, and marketing emails. Optimize content, implement authentication protocols, and regularly clean your list to improve deliverability.


Discover Novashare, the lightweight alternative to Social Warfare for WordPress social sharing. This performance-focused plugin offers inline content sharing, floating bars, and click-to-tweet functionality without compromising site speed. With easy setup and customization options, Novashare streamlines your social media strategy. Learn how this newcomer from the Perfmatters team can boost your content’s visibility and engagement.

1 click many backups wpvivid

Discover WP Vivid, the new WordPress backup plugin revolutionizing website security. With multiple cloud integrations, incremental backups, and user-friendly restoration, it’s a game-changer for site owners and developers alike. Learn how to install, set up, and maximize WP Vivid’s features for efficient, reliable backups. Is this the new go-to solution for WordPress backups?

wordpress user roles & permissions

Discover the power of WordPress user roles and permissions. From subscribers to administrators, learn how to effectively manage access levels on your website. Explore default roles, custom permissions, and advanced management techniques. Whether you’re running a blog, e-commerce store, or membership site, mastering user management is crucial for security and efficient operations.

why mautic probably isn't a good fit (but you should try it anyway)

Mautic, an open-source marketing automation platform, offers unlimited contacts and cost-effective email marketing. While it provides advanced features and data control through self-hosting, it requires technical expertise and relies on community support.

how i make videos

Introduction [00:00] In this behind-the-scenes look, we’re diving deep into the world of video production, specifically focusing on how to create high-quality content for platforms …