Unlock the Full Potential of Email Delivery via Amazon SES without the frustration.

(We’ll even get you out of sandbox mode.)

Experience hassle-free email delivery for WordPress, FreeScout, Mautic and more. Choose our expertly-managed Amazon SES Express Setup service and say goodbye to the confusion of AWS.

Why Choose Amazon SES Express Setup? 🎯

Take full advantage of the amazing deliverability and affordable rates Amazon SES offers.

Save time and avoid the frustration of navigating the complex Amazon AWS interface.

We handle the tricky task of getting your domain out of Sandbox Mode so you don’t have to deal with Amazon AWS Support.

Improve your email deliverability, boost open rates, and increase customer engagement.

How it works:

Purchase the service, and our team will contact you within 24 hours.

We’ll request access or work with you to setup your DNS provider, Sending Application (e.g. WordPress), and AWS account.

You’ll receive step-by-step directions or video tutorials to help you complete these tasks.

Our team configures everything & works with Amazon AWS Support to get you out of “Sandbox Mode”, typically within 1-3 business days.

If we can’t get your domain out of Sandbox Mode, you’ll receive a full refund.

What You’ll Get

Hassle-Free Account Verification: We take care of verifying your domain with Amazon SES so you can send from any email, including subdomains.

Send Marketing & Transactional Emails: Use SES for delivery of transactional emails, marketing campaigns, and newsletters.

DNS Configuration: Our experts optimize your DNS settings to meet Amazon SES standards, ensuring optimal email delivery success.

Automated Bounce Management: Keep your email list clean with our setup for automated bounce handling and list maintenance (when using a compatible plug-in or application).

Seamless WordPress Integration: We’ll configure FluentSMTP (or a similar plug-in of your choice) on your WordPress site to enable sending transactional emails via Amazon SES.

Swift Sandbox Exit: Let our team work to remove you from Amazon SES Sandbox Mode, unlocking unlimited email-sending capabilities and industry leading rates.

Dedicated Support: Enjoy peace of mind with our professional support, answering your questions every step of the way.

Enjoy World Class Deliverability with Amazon SES, without the hassle. Try Our Express Setup!

Ready to take your email delivery to the next level? Sign up now and let us provide an all-in-one email delivery solution for your WordPress website.

This is a one-time fee of $239. Then you can take advantage of the amazing cost savings and deliverability the SES offers. We’ll work directly with your AWS account until your domain is verified for sending and you’ve been moved out of the Sandbox Mode. Trust our expertise and improve your email delivery success with Amazon SES Express Setup.

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