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Cyber Angels One Lifetime Deal at AppSumo – Worth it?

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In this comprehensive Cyber Angels One review, we’ll dive deep into the features and benefits of this new lifetime deal from AppSumo. The internet can be a dangerous place, with bad actors, bots, and potentially even AI targeting your website. Cyber Angels One promises to defend your online assets, but does it live up to the hype? We’ll examine the AppSumo plans, share our first impressions, and walk through the platform’s features step-by-step. By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Cyber Angels One is worth your investment or if you should pass on this deal. Let’s get started!

  • The internet can be a treacherous place for website owners, with numerous threats lurking around every corner
  • Bad actors, malicious bots, and even the potential for AI-driven attacks can put your website at risk
  • Cyber Angels One, a new lifetime deal available on AppSumo, promises to defend your website and email from these dangers
  • This comprehensive review will provide an in-depth analysis of Cyber Angels One, examining its features, benefits, and shortcomings
  • By the end of this review, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Cyber Angels One is a worthwhile investment for your business

Appsumo Plans [00:29]

  • AppSumo offers a range of pricing tiers for Cyber Angels One, catering to businesses of different sizes and needs
  • The primary difference between the tiers is the number of websites and email accounts you can protect
  • Tier 1, the most basic plan, allows for the protection of one website and one email account
  • As you move up the tiers, the number of protected assets increases, with Tier 6 ($600) offering unlimited websites, unlimited email accounts, and the ability to protect up to 50 customer sites
  • Regardless of the tier you choose, all features are included in every plan, ensuring you have access to the full range of Cyber Angels One’s capabilities

First Impressions [01:07]

  • Upon logging in to Cyber Angels One for the first time, users are greeted with a form asking about their current security practices
  • Questions cover topics such as the use of firewalls, two-factor authentication, and other security measures
  • After completing the form, users are prompted to add their first asset by linking their domain and categorizing the website
  • During the email monitoring setup process, some issues were encountered, such as certain email addresses not being supported and typos in error messages
  • These initial hiccups might suggest that the platform is not yet fully polished or ready for prime time

Home Page [03:11]

  • The Cyber Angels One homepage serves as a central dashboard, guiding users through the steps they should take to improve their security posture
  • One of the first recommended actions is to schedule a welcome call with a human representative, which some users might perceive as a sales tactic
  • The platform does offer upsells, with insurance being the primary additional coverage promoted to users
  • The homepage also displays the latest reports, even if the user’s email address was not successfully added to the system
  • This inconsistency further hints at the platform’s lack of refinement

Monitor [05:22]

  • In the monitor section, users can view the email addresses they’ve added to Cyber Angels One for protection
  • However, unsupported email addresses may not appear in this section, even if they were submitted during the setup process
  • Website reports are available, indicating whether the site is secure and has a valid SSL certificate
  • The platform assesses user behavior and classifies it as “not safe” until the user completes the suggested improvement activities

“Improve” [05:41]

  • The improve section is the heart of Cyber Angels One, providing users with an extensive list of best practices and habits to enhance their online security
  • It’s important to note that the tool does not actively implement security measures on the user’s behalf; instead, it serves as a checklist of actions for the user to complete manually
  • Each item on the list can be expanded to reveal a brief description of the task and its importance
  • As users mark tasks as complete, they earn “experience points,” but the tool does not verify whether the actions were actually taken
  • Some tasks may require the assistance of an IT consultant or the Cyber Angels One support team, which could be an additional cost or inconvenience for users

Training [09:43]

  • The training section of Cyber Angels One is rather limited, consisting mainly of a button to schedule a support call
  • There is an awareness training section, but it appears to be accessible only to premium users
  • Attempts to play the awareness training videos were unsuccessful, suggesting that the feature may not be functional or requires a premium account to access
  • The lack of robust training resources within the platform may disappoint users looking for more comprehensive guidance on improving their security posture

Reports [10:33]

  • The reports section offers the most valuable information within Cyber Angels One, but even these insights may not be as actionable as users would hope
  • Website reports assign a risk score to the user’s site and compare it to the industry benchmark, providing a general sense of the site’s security status
  • The report lists vulnerabilities and potential issues, but some of these findings may be inaccurate or overstated
  • Information about subdomains and open ports is provided, but the significance of these factors may be misrepresented or exaggerated
  • The report includes a glossary of terms on the last page, which can be helpful for users unfamiliar with cybersecurity jargon

Conclusion [13:13]

  • After thoroughly exploring Cyber Angels One, it becomes clear that the tool lacks the depth and functionality to justify its cost, even as a lifetime deal on AppSumo
  • The platform does not directly connect to the user’s website or provide active security services, limiting its effectiveness in preventing attacks
  • Instead, Cyber Angels One focuses on providing information and encouraging users to follow best practices, which may not be sufficient for businesses seeking comprehensive protection
  • While the reports offer detailed information, much of the advice provided is common knowledge for experienced web professionals
  • The reviewer assigns Cyber Angels One a rating of 2.3 out of 5, expressing disappointment in the platform’s capabilities and value proposition
  • Ultimately, the reviewer decides to return the product, as it fails to meet their expectations for a robust website security solution

Key Takeaways

  • Cyber Angels One is a new AppSumo lifetime deal that aims to protect websites and email accounts from online threats
  • The platform offers various pricing tiers based on the number of assets users need to protect, with all features included in each plan
  • Initial impressions reveal several bugs and inconsistencies, indicating that the platform may not be fully polished or ready for widespread use
  • The core of Cyber Angels One is a checklist of security best practices for users to follow, rather than actively implementing security measures on their behalf
  • Reports provide detailed information about website vulnerabilities and risks but may not offer highly actionable insights for experienced web professionals
  • The training section is limited and geared towards premium users, lacking comprehensive resources for improving security posture
  • Overall, Cyber Angels One may not provide sufficient value to justify its cost, even as a lifetime deal, as it focuses more on information sharing than active security implementation
  • The platform’s advice is largely common knowledge for those familiar with managing websites, limiting its usefulness for experienced users
  • The reviewer rates Cyber Angels One a 2.3 out of 5 and plans to return the product due to its lack of depth and functionality

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