Speed Up Your WordPress Site & Increase Revenue.

Page load time is a critical part of the user experience. A one second decrease in your page response can result in a 7% increase in conversions. 

I just loaded up Proofread Anywhere.com and it’s damn fast! Nice work

Benjamin Pyle– Co-founder BPC Media, Inc.

This is about increasing revenue, not nerd pride.

(...not that there is anything wrong with nerd pride.)

We don’t provide website speed optimization services because we want you to have the coolest tech in your niche.

According to marketing guru, Neil Patel, website visitors care more about speed than fancy new bells and whistles, and it impacts your bottom line.

Loading Time Affects Your Pocketbook.

Big Companies Hire Us To Optimize Their Sites

ProofreadAnywhere.com is home to a seven figure online course, but when their site got too large to load quickly, they hired us. We decreased page load time by 225%

4.21 second
load time.

1.85 second
load time.

Why Choose Client Amp To Optimize Your Website?

Blazing Fast WordPress Without Compromising Aesthetics.

A fast site can still be a beautiful site.

When we speed up your site, your design will be left unchanged. We’ll locate problems causing your site to underperform and fix them.

We’ll keep your site dynamic, image rich, and beautiful but deliver your pages faster.

What Google Really Wants.

What google really wants is for people to have a great experience on your website.

Why does google care?

Google is a referral engine, and if it doesn’t refer people to helpful websites they will stop using google. (Hey, it could happen… remember MySpace?

The most important performance metric Google uses to measure experience is site speed, so Google’s Speed Index is the primary metric we want to improve.

(yup, for the techies reading this — PageSpeed Insight or Pingdom Tools grades don’t mean anything. We’re fine with a score of a D).

What's Included In A Speed Optimization?

Each site has different points that need improvement to be fully optimized. When we’re done, you can be confident that your site literally cannot perform any faster.

A few of the tactics we use to optimize for speed:

You have nothing to lose (and lost revenue to gain).

If your site loads in more than three seconds, you’re losing potentially 40% of your audience immediately. Speeding up your site isn’t a nice to have, it’s essential. Best of all, when you hire Client Amp, There is zero risk. We provide a 100% money back guarantee. If your site isn’t faster, we’ll refund you completely.

Want to Know More?

If you’d like Client Amp to build a website, sales funnel, or online course for your business, click the button below so we can learn more about your business.

If we are a good fit, we’ll create a presentation for your business that includes:

Site Optimization Tips.

We'll analyze your exsiting site or landing page and let you know what improvements we recommend from an SEO and CRO perspective.

Competitive Analysis.

We'll look at your main competitors and help you understand the strategies they are using.

Transparent Pricing & ROI Analysis.

We'll give you an upfront cost-estimate so you understand where your marketing dollars are going and what results you'd need to see to make your investment worthwhile.