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Let us keep your website snappy, secure and up to date. 

"We talk at LEAST once a week (but often much, much more than that) about how thankful we are for Client Amp!"

Talia Browne – CEO, Rebel Love


World Class Website Hosting, Security, and Support.

Get Peace of Mind.

Your website is your sales machine. We make sure it is always online, secure, and backed-up.

DIY is Overrated

Don’t waste time on YouTube learning how to update links, add new blog posts, or insert a tracking code. We’re experts, we’ll take care of it for you. 

Add New Features

When you become our client, you get access to our library of WordPress tools. Need to add an LMS? How about a lead generation form or an affiliate program? It’s included in the price. 

The End Of WordPress Headaches

We take great pride in ensuring your website is fast, reliable, and profitable for your business.

We are your tech partner, so you don’t have to worry about making any tweaks or having a plugin update break your entire site. 

Website Care Plans Include three parts: Hosting, Security & Support Updates. 


Part 1: Hosting (Excuse The Geek Speak)

We’ll keep your site online and loading fast and we’ll let you know when it’s time to beef up your server resources, but if you want to know the technical details, here is what you’ll get: 

  • A VPS with High-Frequency Processors to provide a snappy experience for your LMS Platform or eCommerce shop – because load time = conversion rate.

  • 32GB of storage space for your files, images, audio, or videos.

  • 2TB of bandwidth per month, to transmit files to and from your site visitors.

  • 300GB of CDN Bandwidth per month to ensure a fast site, world-wide. No matter where someone lives, content on your website gets delivered by one of the 40 points of presence, so they’ll always get images and files from the server closest to them.

  • 30K Transactional Emails per month. Send website emails that hit the inbox. We’ll configure your website’s receipts, membership notifications, and password reset emails to send via Amazon SES, so they hit the inbox reliably.

  • An SSL Certificate to keep your site secure. An SSL certificate allows you to send and receive encrypted data to and from your site visitors, so they’ll feel safe making purchases from your site. Most importantly, you’ll get the padlock on Chrome and Safari and avoid the dreaded “NOT SECURE” message next to your URL.

  • No overages. If you go over your limits, we’ll ask you to upgrade your plan the next month.

The VPS included with our Website Care Plan is sufficient for most small and medium-sized businesses, but if you have a lot of users connected to your site concurrently, you might need to upgrade. This is common for LMS platforms or eCommerce businesses. 

If your site requires a larger server, we’ll let you know it’s time to upgrade. 

Why Shared Hosting Is Bad For Business.

Your Website Deserves A Private Island, Not A Studio Apartment.

Even if you’re not a techie, pay attention to the language your existing host uses. 

Unlimited everything sounds amazing, but if something is too good to be true… it probably is. 

A business website needs what is called a Virtual Private Server (VPS), not shared hosting.

Client Amp puts every site we host on a dedicated VPS that we can scale as your business grows and your technology needs increase.

Why? Does it really matter? 

With shared hosting,  thousands of sites share the same server. The volume of traffic and security configuration of the websites you’re sharing resources with can slow down your site or put your customer’s security at risk. 

With a VPS, your site always has the dedicated horsepower it needs to give your customers a great experience. If you get an influx of new traffic, it’s easy to accommodate without worrying about your site being able to handle it.  

Part 2: Security Coverage Done Right

Keeping your website secure is critical to keeping your brand protected. We follow industry-leading security practices to make sure you and your customer’s data stays safe and accessible. 

Here is how we protect your site:


A Web Application Firewall (WAF) that protects your website from software vulnerabilities and separates actual visitors from fake traffic.


We’ll block malicious bots & spam. Fewer spam comments and spam form fills means you can spend your time doing more productive things than filtering out the junk. 


Blacklist Monitoring so you know if your site is listed as a security risk. 


Domain Expiration Monitoring. We’ll give you a heads up if your domain is going to expire, so you can make sure you renew and don’t lose one of your most valuable assets. 


Plugin Vulnerability Monitoring. Most security issues on WordPress sites are caused by 3rd party plugins that contain vulnerabilities. We’ll handle this for you, so your website never has vulnerable software. Vulnerable plugins are updated the same day.


Up-time monitoring. We’ll monitor your site 24/7. If it goes down, we’ll notify you so that you can pause paid traffic campaigns until the outage is resolved. 


Automatic Backups. We’ll take hourly incremental backups of your website. If disaster does strike, you’ll never lose more than an hour’s worth of data. We store backups on multiple locations, so; we’ve got backups for our backups. 

Failover System (Optional — not included with the standard package) If you can’t afford any downtime, we can set up a failover system for an additional cost. In the event of an outage, your site will get automatically redirected to a backup server within minutes. Your website won’t miss a beat, and your customers will not know anything happened. 

Part 3: World Class Support & Reliable Updates

Eventually, something will start acting weird on your website or you’ll decide you need a new feature added, like an online course or a new popup. 

Your Website Care Plan covers you, so you don’t need to waste time on YouTube, learning to be a website expert.  

Our basic plan includes three support request a month. You can also upgrade to our pro plan that includes ten updates a month. You’re free to move around between plans on a month by month basis.

What’s Considered A Support Requent?

In short, a support request is a change to your site that doesn’t require a marketing consultation or graphic design. 

If it’s creative or strategic, it’s not included in this plan.

Here as examples of common tasks that are included: 

  • Adding, changing or removing text and images you provide
  • Adding blog posts provided you provide.
  • Adding, changing or removing of links. 
  • Fixing broken links and error pages.
  • Changing colors or layout to existing pages
  • Adding or removing pages with designs you provide. 
  • Adding, modifying, or removing menus.
  • Generating a sitemap. 

Need more? Consider a WordPress retainer for ongoing development and updates. Contact Us for details. 

Ready To Get Started? Enjoy Our White Glove Onboarding Experience

Here’s what to expect when you enlist Client Amp to care for your website. 


 Security Audit
We’ll perform a rigorous security check on your website to be certain your site is free of malware or vulnerabilities.


We’ll move your site to a dedicate high-speed virtual private server so your site always has the dedicated horsepower needed to deliver a crisp experience for your users.


System updates
We’ll update WordPress as well as your plugin and themes so that your site is secure and performing optimally.


Speed Optimization
We’ll configure optimal caching, Image Optimization, and a CDN to make sure your site loads quickly for users all over the planet.


Security Lockdown
We’ll configure a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to prevent DDoS attacks and keep your secure. You’ll stay online even if someone is trying to bring you down.


Backup Scheduling
We’ll set backups to occur ever hour so that even if your server lights on fire, you’ll never lose more than 60 minutes of updates on your site.

Proactive Monitoring & Care For Your Site

Client Amp is your new tech team.  We’ll work around the clock to keep your business online and serving your users.

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

We’ll keep an eye on your site and instantly swoop into action if something goes wrong with your server. If you can’t afford to be down for even a second, as about our fallover protection that will keep your site online, no matter what. 

Regular Updates

Never worry about updating a plugin and breaking your site again. WordPress gets a bad rap for security, but that’s usually because of out of date plugins with security vulnerabilities. We update vulnerable plug-ins on day one. WordPress core, your theme, and other plugins are updated as soon as we’ve tested their stability. 

Top Shelf Support

You’re going to have questions and we’ll be there with solutions. You’ll have direct access to our support staff via email. Our average reply time is under 4 hours. 

Content Updates

Need your hero image replaced on your home page? We got you. Just send support your request and we’ll take it from there. 

Add New Features

Want to add up a pop-up or a contact form to your site? No problem. Your subscription includes literally thousands of dollars worth of plugins that we can activate on your site and help you configure. 

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