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How We Boost Search Rankings

Whether you want to rank locally or nationally, every business wants to be at the top of search results on Google, Apple Maps, or Yelp.

It’s for good reason, two-thirds of all search engine clicks go to organic results on page one.

Not only does improving your SEO help drive traffic, but it helps new customers trust you and ultimately purchase from you.

Anyone can buy paid ads, but if you don’t show up in search, on map applications or on review sites, you’ll create enough doubt for your prospects to choose a competitor that seems more legit.

To increase your search engine rankings we follow a simple 7 step strategy. Each time we cycle through the strategy, your site’s rankings will increase.

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STEP 1: Set Your Goals

SEO is all about providing a great user experience and establishing your authority as an expert in your industry.

The more search engines trust you, the easier it will be for them to recommend you to people who are looking for a company like yours… and the more new clients your business will receive.

Client Amp’s systematic approach builds credibility for your website.

We start by setting your goals so that we know exactly what your expectations are and how we can best serve your business.

When we discuss your goals we’ll look at:

STEP 2: Website Technical Optimization

Technical optimizations are critical to SEO success. Here are just a few technical aspects we tweak.

Tell Google You Exist

We create an XML map for your site and submit it to Google & Bing to make sure your entire site is being crawled.

Optimize For Clicks

Nothing drops your ranking faster than a low click through rate. We optimize titles and add schema for results pages, so you stand even if you're not the top listing.

Improve Page Speed

Think speed doesn't matter? 40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. We make sure your site is fast, but we never change the look.

STEP 3: Build Citations

Citations are critical to building authority for your business. We take great care to build both high ranking & niche specific citations for your business.  

Make A Big Impact

We have a database of over 1600 citation sites. We'll highlight the top fifty for your business and only submit to sites you approve. Sites include Apple Maps, TripAdvisor, Google My Business, and Foursquare.

Claim Existing Listings & Fix NAP Errors.

If there are existing listing out there for your business we claim them for you and ensure correct any NAP errors. We'll also remove duplicate citations which would have negative SEO effects.

Track Local Citation Rankings

We track Google's ranking of your profiles on sites Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business. We work towards dominating the search engine results with not only your website, but your profiles as well.

STEP 4: Link Building & Content Creation

Building high quality backlinks from authoritative sites has a massive impact on your SEO ranking. 

Here is how we build backlinks for you:

  1. We research long tail keywords relevant to your business that you can rank for.

  2. We create content based on those keywords, or you can create the content yourself based on the keyword advice we provide.

  3. We build backlinks from authoritative and reputable sites. Sites you’d be proud to have connected to your business. 
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White Hat Backlink Campaigns Only...

If you’ve ever watched an American western, you know the good guys wear white hats and the back guys wear black hats…

Similarly, there are “good guy” SEO companies and “bad guy” SEO companies. 

Here is an example…

That email you received that promises you’ll rank number one on google in just 12 hours is either a:

A.) a flat out scam.
B.) a “blackhat” SEO campaign. 

What makes them “bad guys?” 

Organic link building takes time and effort, so many lower priced SEO companies will create “link farms” in an attempt to artificially bolster your sites’ reputation with google. 

Google is very smart and this sort of play does not work long term. Black hat SEO will almost without fail result in a penalty from Google, which can take years to overcome. This will cost you traffic, and therefore revenue, along the way. 

Client Amp works strategically and relentlessly to land your site only the highest quality, all natural, organic backlinks. 

All that is to say… we’re one of the “good guys”. 

STEP 5: Monitor Rankings

We’ll monitor your rankings for organic search, mobile search, and local search. If anything changes, we react quickly. 

STEP 6: Monitor Reviews

We monitor your reviews on up to 18 of the most popular review sites. We’ll alert you when you have a questionable review, so you never miss the opportunity to reply to unreasonable critics. 

STEP 7: Rinse & Repeat

You can always improve your SEO by ranking for new keywords and building more authority for your domain. 

Let's amplify your business.

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