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Why Choose Client Amp To Manage Your Ad Account?

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click advertising.

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about Google Ads, they’re usually talking about pay-per-click advertising.

So why is PPC so great? 

Because it allows your business to rank first on google without having to play the SEO game (which can takes months or even years). 

It’s also cost effective for businesses who have a great sales process.

While other ad platforms charge you just to display your ad, with pay per click you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. 

You set a monthly budget, so you never spend more than you want to.

Unlike placing an ad in the newspaper, you can see exactly how many people are responding to your ads and how much it costs you to acquire each new customer. 

Only pay for what you use.

Unlike Facebook Ads, with PPC advertising you're never charged unless someone interacts with your ad.

Never Overspend

You set your monthly budget and your costs will never exceed that amount.

Track Your ROI

Analytics help you track your conversions and calculate your ROI so that you can feel confident in your adspend.

Google Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

Google’s search engine is extremely powerful for businesses, because it allows advertisers to find people the moment they’re looking to purchase. 

Search Engine Results for Personal Trainer

Here is a search for the keyword “personal trainer”. You can see that the top four results are all ads, and they’re even localized to the searchers location.

The power here is obvious — Personal Trainer is a very competitive search term, and it would likely take a very long time to rank at the top of the page organically.

With Google Ads, you can show up on the first page right away. 

Google’s search engine is extremely powerful for businesses, because it allows advertisers to find people the moment they’re looking to purchase.

We can specify search terms that show buying intent, so instead of bidding on just “personal trainer” searches, maybe your campaign only bids on searches that show intent to buy, such as “best personal trainer near me”.

You can even exclude keywords that aren’t relevant to your business, but might incorrectly trigger your ads to display.

Don’t worry, we handle ALL of this for you.

Why Should You Care About Google?

So what about Facebook Ads (aka Display Ads)? 

Display ads are banner ads or ads in mobile apps.

Facebook & Google are the largest provider of display ads on the internet. Google display campaigns reach 80% of the internet.

Depending on your business, display ads may or may not be effective. 

With PPC, we want to bid on keywords that show buying intent…

Well, the traffic you get from display ads isn’t as likely to have a high intent to buy. That’s because your ad was “displayed”… no one “asked” by searching google.

That’s not to say display ads are a waste.

Display ads can be very effective to let new customers know your business exists. 

And, just like paid search, display ads can be highly targeted so they display only to the type of people who are most likely to need your products or services.

Proximity, age, gender, and interests are all criteria you can filter by for targeting.

Can Google Ads & Facebook Ads Work Together? 


You might have heard of “retargeting” before.

You’ve certainly experience retargeting.

If you have ever visited a website and then noticed banner ads that seemed to follow you from site to site, that is “retargeting”.

Some people think these ads are “creepy” or “annoying”  …but with an ROI of up to 600% for some clients, retargeting is inarguably a very effective tactic to stay top of mind with potential customers.

Displaying Facebook Ads to people who found your website through google search can be a very effective combination.

Why Choose PPC Over SEO?

You may be asking yourself, why not just appear on the front page of Google the old fashion way? Organically, without having to pay for every single search.

For some businesses, maybe that isn’t an issue — but that’s not most businesses.

SEO has gotten VERY competitive and unless your business is very established or runs dedicated SEO campaigns, it is too difficult to rely on organic search alone.

If you start an SEO campaign, it can take months or even up to a year to start to see the results you want.

Meanwhile, Google is placing paid ads in more and more prominent positions, such as Maps. 

For most businesses, it makes sense to start with a great conversion optimized website and then run paid traffic to it — Either Google Ads or Facebook Ads.

Then you can build your SEO through citations, backlinks, and reputation management.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry we can help.

For now, think of it like this…

Paid traffic is reliable — Like water from a faucet, you can turn it on and traffic is there.

With SEO, you never know when the flow could get cut off due to an algorithm change or a competitor changing strategy.

That’s not to say that SEO is unimportant, it’s just not the first move your business should focus on.

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Managed Google Ads vs. DIY

When should you pay an agency like Client Amp to run your Adwords campaigns for you and when should you learn to do it yourself?

The answer is time and expertise.

The Google Ads platform is not static. Google is rolling out changes to their platform daily.

New competitors are springing up and your existing competitors will adjust their campaigns as you optimize yours.

Errors in setting up your campaign can be costly. They can result in negative ROI or wasted ad budget.

Unless you have the time to make adjustments to your PPC account on a very regular basis (weekly if not daily) it is best left to trained experts.

Google Certified

Don't worry about learning Adwords. Our Adwords professionals are Google Certified.

Peace of Mind

We optimize your ads daily so you can focus on training your staff, improve your craft, or take a well deserved break.

Regular Reporting

We keep you informed with a live reporting dashboard that shows you the KPIs important to your business.

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