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Client Amp is the ultimate website management solution for creators and coaches like you. We take care of your WordPress website so you can focus on sharing your passion and expertise with the world.

Why Choose Client Amp? 🎯

βœ… Lightning-Fast, Fortified Websites

Experience a blazing-fast, secure website without the stress. We optimize your site for speed and security, eliminating the need for costly premium plug-ins or time-consuming troubleshooting.

πŸ›ŽοΈ Concierge Website Experience at Your Fingertips

With Client Amp, enjoy the luxury of having your personal website expert on-call without the in-house expense. Need updates or spotted something that requires a tweak? Simply send us a request, and we’ll promptly take care of it, so you can focus on what truly matters – your work.

πŸ§‘β€πŸ« Seamless Online Course Management

Bring your knowledge to life with our streamlined online course creation services. From WordPress integration to marketing automation and Mautic management, we’ve got you covered.

πŸ’° You’ll See Massive Savings: How We Cut Dane Maxwell’s Costs by Over 90%

Dane Maxwell went from spending $1,000+ per month on Drip to saving over 90%, thanks to our hosted Mautic management service. Let us help you reduce your marketing expenses and maximize your profits.

🌟 Expert Marketers at Your Side

Our team of seasoned marketing professionals knows how to transform underperforming websites into conversion powerhouses. Trust us to elevate your online presence and boost your success.

πŸ”— Unleash the Power of Community with Discourse

Grow and engage your online community or membership site using Discourse. We’ll help you set up and manage a thriving platform that connects like-minded individuals.

🌐 Comprehensive Open Source Support (Not Just WordPress)

Our expertise extends beyond WordPress. We’re here to help you deploy, manage, and update a wide range of open-source software solutions like Discourse & Mautic. Trust us to take care of all your web needs.

Better than in-house.

Working with Client Amp is easy. You don’t need to train us & we won’t ask for PTO.

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Essential Plan

Regularly $200/month or $2K/year.

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What’s Included:


Your website is hosted and managed on our tech stack.

Backups, Security, and Updates.

Ten support tasks per month.

Two concurrent tasks.

Access to all of our agency plug-ins and tools.

Emailing sending (25K/month).

Add Mautic or Discourse management for an additional fee.

Use code ‘DANIEL‘ at checkout.

*Support tasks are site updates that don’t include content creation or design services.

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β€œDamn Dave, you’re really good at software.”

-Dane Maxwell

β€œI just couldn’t imagine not having Dave on our side.”

-Talia Browne

β€œWe’re getting the best of the best, as far as WordPress & our LMS goes.”

-Daniel Reifenberger

β€œI just loaded up ProofreadAnywhere.com, and it’s damn fast! Nice work.”

-Benjamin Pyle

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Talia Browne
Daniel Reifenberger
Jody Milward
Caitline Pyle
Mark Leifer
Dani Valent
Dane Maxwell
Brittany Long
Elizabeth Overstreet